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126 SEO Statistics for 2024

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Top SEO Statistics

Keeping an eye on SEO statistics is essential for the successful development of any digital product. It’s a sure way to notice popular trends and implement them in your online marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.

Key SEO Statistics for 2024 (SeoProfy’s Choice)

  1. 57% of local search queries are made via mobile devices.
  2. People are 70% more likely to visit a business with a complete Google Business Profile.
  3. The average site has a bounce rate of 37% and an SEO click-through rate of 13%.
  4. 96.55% of the pages on the internet get zero-click searches from Google.
  5. Only 33% of websites can pass the Core Web Vitals threshold.

key seo statistics

Google Search Engine Usage Statistics

Google is the absolute leader in search engines. In January 2024, it accounted for 91.47% of the search engine market share across all devices. It’s important to consider the following case studies to keep pace with its search algorithms.

  1. Google processes 6.3 million searches per minute. (Statista)
  2. More than 50% of customers use Google to discover or find a new brand. (Think with Google)
  3. The size of Google’s Search Index is over 100 million GB. (Google)
  4. 26.95% of web traffic on Google comes from the US. (Statista)
  5. 59% of customers use Google to find information about products they want to purchase. (Think with Google) Google Search Engine Usage Statistics
  6. “Youtube” became the most searched keyword in 2023 with a monthly search volume of more than 340 million. (Statista)
  7. Google Sites became the most popular multi-platform web property in the US with over 277 million visitors per month. (Statista)
  8. Google considers more than 200 ranking factors, which change regularly. (Search Engine Land)
  9. Only 33% of websites can pass the Core Web Vitals threshold. (Ahrefs)

Ranking Statistics

SEO ranking refers to your website’s position on search engine results pages. Take into account the data analysis provided below while planning your next SEO strategy.

  1. 96.55% of the pages on the internet get zero traffic from Google. (Ahrefs) Ranking Statistics
  2. Google rewrites more than 60% of meta titles and meta descriptions. (Search Engine Journal)
  3. Moving up a single position in Google search results leads to a relative click-through rate (CTR) increase of 32.3%. (Backlinko)
  4. The pages in the top 10 positions are on average 2+ years old. (Ahrefs)
  5. According to 89.1% of 755 link builders surveyed, no-follow links have an impact on rankings. (AuthorityHackers)
  6. Google uses title elements around 87% of the time. (Google Search Central)
  7. Too-long title tags are 57% more likely to be rewritten by Google. (Ahrefs)
  8. 25.02% of top-ranking pages don’t have a meta description. (Ahrefs)
  9. Paragraph snippets are the most popular type of featured snippet, showing up 82% of the time. (STAT Search Analytics)
  10.  The average top 10 ranking page can also get to the top 10 for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords. (Ahrefs)

Local SEO Statistics

These SEO performance metrics are essential for local business owners who aim to conquer the market. Following the most efficient trends revealed by detailed local SEO statistics will undoubtedly boost your online presence.

  1. 42% of consumers regularly read online reviews when browsing for local businesses. (Brightlocal)
  2. 78% of local mobile searches lead to offline purchases. (Go-Globe) Local SEO Statistics
  3. Clients are 2.7 times more likely to consider a company reputable if it has a complete Business Profile on Google Maps and Search. (Google)
  4. People are 70% more likely to visit local businesses with complete Business Profiles. (Google)
  5. 75% of clients feel more positive about using a local business after reading a positive review about it. (Brightlocal)
  6. 58% of businesses still haven’t opted for local SEO. (ReviewTrackers)
  7. 28% of Google searches for something nearby lead to a purchase. (Think With Google)
  8. 63.6% of people claim to check online reviews before visiting certain local businesses. (Reviewtrackers)
  9. 81% of customers use Google Sites to estimate a local business. (Brightlocal)

Keywords Statistics

Keywords play a crucial role in the development of relevant top-quality content. Get acquainted with the most interesting SEO stats related to this irreplaceable element of any successful search engine optimization campaign. Also, check our list of top searches.

  1. Only 0.0008% of keywords get more than 100,000 searches per month. (Ahrefs)
  2. Google Ads Keyword Planner is accurate only 45.22% of the time. (Ahrefs)
  3. 15% of daily Google searches have never been searched before. (Google) Keywords Statistics
  4. Dating and personal services drive the highest CTRs on paid Google results with 6% of their impressions turning into clicks. (WordStream)
  5. 14.1% of searches contain question keywords. (Backlinko)

Backlinks are among Google’s most important ranking factors. Pay attention to these SEO statistics for 2024 to discover some exciting insights.

  1. Top pages in Google have approximately 3.8 times more backlinks than lower-ranked ones. (Backlinko)
  2. 92% of marketing specialists claim link building will be a key ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm in the next five years. (Search Logistics) Backlinks Statistics
  3. Almost 95% of pages have no backlinks at all. (Backlinko)
  4. 66.5% of links to sites in the last nine years don’t work. (Ahrefs)
  5. A paid link costs nearly $83 on average. (AuthorityHacker)
  6. More than 43% of the top-ranking pages have reciprocal links. (Ahrefs)
  7. On average, a link begins to impact search engine ranking after 3.1 months. (AuthorityHacker)
  8. Short articles get an average of 77.2% fewer links than long-form content. (Backlinko)
  9. Nearly 2.2% of all online content generates more than one unique backlink. (Search Logistics)
  10.  The majority of top pages receive backlinks from new sites at a pace of between +5% and 14.5% per month. (Ahrefs)

Content Marketing SEO Statistics

Content marketing ensures that your website offers useful and high-quality content to attract your target audience. If you dream of your pages getting to the top ranking, take into account the following search engine optimization statistics.

  1. Audience interest in interactive high-quality content is increasing, with 62.3% of companies reporting investing in this area (compared to 36.1% in 2023). (Siege Media)
  2. Nearly 57% of companies plan to start investing more in video content in 2024. (Wistia) Content Marketing SEO Statistics
  3. The average blog post length is nearly 1,427 words, which is 77% longer than 10 years ago. (Orbit Media Studios)
  4. Only 3% of blogs on the internet regularly publish articles that are 2,000+ words. (Orbit Media Studios)
  5. 72% of the most successful marketers in North America constantly measure the ROI of their content marketing. (eMarketer)
  6. It takes nearly 7 minutes of reading before engagement starts dropping. (Medium)
  7. 70% of internet users prefer to learn about a company through its blog posts rather than advertisements. (Demand Metric) Content Marketing Statistics
  8. 76% of blogs publish how-to posts, making them the most popular content format. (Orbit Media Studios)
  9. 51% of companies that invest in marketing publish content every day. (The Manifest)
  10.  Small blogs get nearly 44% of their website traffic from search engines, while this number is 89% for bigger blogs. (Animalz)
  11.  Updating your existing content with new images and rewritten text can increase organic traffic by 111.3%. (Safari Digital)

SEO industry statistics

Following the latest SEO trends is a sure way to increase your website’s organic traffic flow and get higher search rankings. At the same time, SEO industry statistics will be useful for specialists working in this niche.

  1. The average amount small businesses spend on SEO services in the US is $497.16 per month. (Backlinko)
  2. SEO agencies charge $2,501-$5,000 per project, on average. (Ahrefs) SEO industry statistics
  3. The employment of market research analysts is predicted to grow 13% up to 2032. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  4. 74% of business owners pay attention to an SEO company’s reputation before hiring one. (Backlinko)
  5. The average annual salary of SEO specialists is $49,211. (Ahrefs)
  6. 34% of clients stop working with SEO agencies due to poor customer service. (Backlinko)

SEO ROI Statistics

Business owners opt for SEO services not only to improve their online presence but also to increase their company’s income. These SEO stats prove the usefulness of opting for professional search engine optimization assistance.

  1. 57% of B2B marketers claim that SEO is the most effective digital marketing initiative. (Gitnux) SEO ROI Statistics
  2. Leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate. Meanwhile, outbound leads have only a 1.7% close rate. (Intergrowth)
  3. On average, companies that implement SEO strategies save up to 400% on ad spending without affecting the attraction of the target audience. (Lyfe Marketing)
  4. A company that spends over $500 per month is 53.3% more likely to be satisfied with the received results of its SEO campaign. (Backlinko)
  5. 39% of purchasers are influenced by a relevant search. (Think with Google)
  6. The average site has a bounce rate of 37% and an SEO click-through rate of 13%. (Hubspot)

Mobile SEO Statistics

More people have started using mobile phones to search for information on the internet. If you don’t want to lose potential customers, check out these SEO facts and implement useful insights to improve your website.

  1. 54.67% of the global website traffic comes from mobile devices. (Statista) Mobile SEO Statistics
  2. 57% of local search queries are made via mobile devices. (ReviewTrackers)
  3. Every month, smartphone users opt for Google Lens to answer 8 billion questions. (Google)
  4. Only 17% of sites retain their positions across both desktop and mobile search engine results pages. (Semrush)
  5. 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new product or business while conducting a search via their devices. (Think with Google)
  6. 50% of clients who conducted a local search on their mobile devices visited a company within a day. (Think with Google) Mobile SEO Stats
  7. Mobile users see 3 times more videos and 12.5 times more images in organic search. (Semrush)
  8. 18% of local searches made via smartphones led to a purchase within a day. (Think with Google)

Video SEO statistics

Video content is extremely popular with modern users. Still don’t believe you need exciting footage to promote your business?! The following SEO statistics will surely persuade you.

  1. 82% of customers have decided to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. (Wyzowl) Video SEO statistics
  2. Nearly 78% of companies plan to start making more videos in 2024. (Wistia)
  3. Clients are 46% more likely to start searching for additional information about a product or service after watching a video. (Buffer)
  4. 91% of businesses use video content as a marketing tool. (Wyzowl)
  5. Google shows video thumbnails in 26% of search results. (BrightEdge)
  6. Video can increase your organic traffic from search engines by 157%. (Buffer)
  7. 90% of video marketers claim that video content increases their brand awareness. (Wyzowl)
  8. 17% of marketing trends that deliver the highest ROI are related to the creation of short-form videos. (Hubspot)
  9. Viewers claim that a video relating to their passions is 1.6 times more important than its quality. (Think with Google)

YouTube Video Stats

YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos. We’ve prepared a compilation of SEO stats that will help you get a better understanding of this platform’s trends.

  1. YouTube is the most visited website in the US by organic traffic. (Ahrefs)
  2. It’s estimated that there are more than 14.7 billion YouTube videos. (TubeStats)
  3. 70% of viewers bought a product after seeing it on YouTube. (Google) YouTube Video Stats
  4. Every week, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than all cable TV networks combined. (Think with Google)
  5. 22% of marketers voted for YouTube as the best-performing social media platform. (Content Marketing Institute)

Voice Search SEO Statistics

Siri, do you have any interesting voice search SEO stats to share? Let’s see!

  1. 36.4% of voice search results come from online pages that use Schema. (Backlinko)
  2. The number of voice assistant users reached 125.2 million in 2023. (Demandsage)
  3. It takes only 4.6 seconds for an average voice search result page to get loaded. (Backlinko)
  4. 36% of US citizens own smart speakers. (Edison Research)
  5. The average Domain Rating of a voice search result is 76.8. (Backlinko)
  6. 20% of searches in the Google app are performed by voice. (Think with Google)
  7. 40.7% of all voice search answers are taken from Featured Snippets. (Backlinko) Voice Search SEO Statistics
  8. 58% of Americans ages 25-34 use voice search on a daily basis. (UpCity)
  9. The average voice search result gets 1,199 shares on Facebook and 44 on X. (Backlinko)
  10.  Nearly 8.9 million customers purchased health and beauty products using the voice search feature on their smart speakers. (Comscore)
  11.  The average voice search answer consists of 29 words. (Backlinko)
  12.  16% of voice search users opt for this feature to make local “near me” searches. (UpCity)
  13.  70.4% of Google Home result pages are protected by HTTPS. (Backlinko)

AI SEO statistics

ChatGPT has significantly contributed to the popularity of AI among SEO experts. Our search engine optimization statistics reveal whether robots truly can boost your business promotion.

  1. 75.7% of marketers use AI tools on a regular basis. (Authority Hacker) AI SEO statistics
  2. 52% of podcasters convert audio into text using AI tools. (Wired Clip)
  3. 69% of digital marketing specialists opt for ChatGPT due to its availability (Authority Hacker)
  4. 67% of small businesses have already started using AI to improve their content and SEO. (Semrush)
  5. 57.2% of marketers plan to replace some of their external or internal resources with artificial intelligence. (Superpath)
  6. The release of ChatGPT caused a 33% decrease in writing vacancies. (Bloomberry)
  7. 32.9% of companies have already started using AI to deal with certain human tasks. (Authority Hacker)
  8. 18.7% of SEO specialists believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will lead to the biggest shifts and industry changes in SEO. (Search Engine Journal)
  9. 68% of businesses experience an increase in content marketing AI after the implementation of AI tools. (Semrush)
  10.  79% of companies have improved their content quality due to artificial intelligence. (Semrush)
  11.  According to 39% of marketers, it takes 1-2 months for content generated by AI to rank. (Semrush)
  12.  73% of consumers trust the content generated by artificial intelligence. (Capgemini) AI SEO statistics
  13.  58% of marketers in the US reported they improved their content creation performance after implementing AI tools. At the same time, 50% of them also report an increase in cost efficiency and creative variety. (Emarketer)

B2B SEO statistics

In 2024, a well-planned content marketing campaign remains one of the main cornerstones of any successful B2B development strategy. Don’t miss any popular trends or important information with the following top SEO statistics.

  1. 94% of B2B marketers prefer short articles and posts when it comes to content creation. (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. 78% of B2B marketing specialists add useful case investigations and client stories to their marketing campaigns. (Content Marketing Institute)
  3. 66% of B2B buyers in the US discover the products from the search results on the Internet. (Statista) B2B SEO statistics
  4. 87% of B2B marketers focus on the information their audience needs instead of prioritizing the company’s promotional messages. (Content Marketing Institute)
  5. 78% of B2B marketing specialists use SEO keyword research tools while working on their content. (Content Marketing Institute) B2B SEO statistics
  6. 84% of B2B marketers claim that content marketing significantly boosts brand awareness. (Content Marketing Institute)

eCommerce SEO statistics

Running a successful eCommerce company requires a complete understanding of SEO trends and how they may change in the near future. Use our search engine optimization stats to make sure your online business heads in the right direction.

  1. SEO organic traffic played a crucial role in 23.6% of eCommerce orders. (Reboot)
  2. eCommerce sites get nearly 33% of their overall traffic from organic search results. (Wolfgang Digital)
  3. became the most visited eCommerce site in the world in 2024. (Semrush)
  4. 61% of the online shoppers in the US purchased a product based on a recommendation from a blog. (Reboot) eCommerce SEO statistics
  5. eCommerce SEO has a 1,600% ROI compared to paid search. (Zipdo)
  6. 75% of B2C marketers use keyword research tools for search engine optimization while working on content creation. (Content Marketing Institute)


These detailed SEO statistics will provide you with insights you should pay attention to while performing competitor analysis or developing your marketing strategy. You can use the experiences of other companies to improve your website’s results and choose the right SEO tools for further progress. Opting for the best practices is a sure way to enhance your business and overcome your competitors.

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