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Stop settling for the crumbs of traffic. Climb the search engine ladder and watch your sales skyrocket with proven ecommerce SEO.

With our dedicated, result-oriented SEO services for ecommerce websites, you can reach the global market, get found by the right clientele, and accelerate your earnings from the web. Invest in your sustainable online growth today — request a free custom proposal for your business.

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Maximize your online presence with our expert ecommerce SEO services

Higher rankings

Thanks to SeoProfy’s efforts, the client saw significant improvement in their keyword rankings. The team fostered a smooth workflow by being very responsive — they were always quick to provide feedback.

Boris Tveritnev
CEO, Ladendirekt OÜ
More high-quality traffic

Although an ongoing project, the client reports growth in Google rankings and organic traffic. SeoProfy adapts to the style and flow of the client, with communication through Zoom, Slack, and Telegram.

Igor Dunaevsky
Managing Partner,
More sales

SeoProfy identified areas of opportunity within the client’s e-commerce site, allowing them to properly plan their SEO efforts moving forward.

Aleksey Avramenko
SEO Specialist, COMFY

Great ecommerce SEO results equal more customers and sales

The modern product purchasing journey begins with a Google search bar. People prefer to turn to search engines to discover and buy what they need, as it’s much faster and easier.

This shift in consumer behavior presents an unparalleled opportunity for your business, but only if it’s visible online. That’s where SEO services for ecommerce websites SeoProfy provides can make all the difference. Investing in search engine optimization can help you:

  • Bridge the gap between your online store and high-value shoppers
  • Elevate your search engine rankings for top keywords
  • Provide your website visitors with a convenient shopping experience
  • Increase the number of orders and loyal customers
  • Improve consumers’ awareness of and trust in your brand
  • Successfully compete in the global market.

This digital marketing practice delivers results over time. If approached correctly, it can ensure a long-term source of revenue for your company, with minimal further investments required. This will contribute to the continuous growth of your business and attaining your long-term objectives, such as developing a solid brand, establishing a strong foothold in the target market, or expanding into new product lines or markets.

However, handling website optimization on your own may be too complex and intricate, which requires a lot of time and special skills. That’s why the best decision is to partner with an experienced SEO company for ecommerce businesses — one that has profound knowledge and expertise in how to build your thriving online presence.

Choose the right ecommerce SEO agency

Your search for the right agency ends here. While other ecommerce SEO agencies still offer template digital marketing services for their clients, wiping out their budgets, we’ll show you that your investments in search engine optimization can yield the results you wish for.

At our ecommerce SEO agency, we always dig deep when it comes to taking on a new project. This means our team doesn’t start building and implementing a campaign until we have done meticulous research on the following:

  • Your niche, industry, and market dynamics
  • The challenges and potential opportunities
  • The specifics of your product line
  • The particular needs of your potential clients
  • Customer search behavior peculiarities
  • The latest changes and emerging trends in your field.

Our ecommerce SEO experts also customize the strategies, considering what content management system you use. We know that each e-commerce platform has its own SEO needs, and paying close attention to them is the best way to get the most out of any strategy. We work with various CMSs, including:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • NopCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Drupal
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Squarespace
  • Wix.

The specialists from SeoProfy already know what works perfectly for businesses in the digital commerce sector. We understand the best practices in SEO for ecommerce websites, meaning tried-and-true techniques. The only thing left is to tailor them to your unique requirements, and we’ll land your site among Google’s top search results. Are you ready to dive in?

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What’s included in our ecommerce SEO services?

Optimizing your website requires a strategic, multifaceted approach. Our ecommerce SEO services will bring your dream customers directly to your online store and entice them to proceed to the checkout page.

Content creation

Google prioritizes content that’s rich in value and relevance. Bland blog posts and thin, generic product descriptions aren’t a good fit for those requirements. More so, they won’t help you earn the attention and trust of shoppers.

We’ll work on content optimization and improvement to populate your web pages with fresh, unique, and informative content pieces, ensuring they’re on par with your brand. This way, you can increase traffic flow, level up your visitor engagement, and drive more leads and conversions.

Technical SEO

Issues on the technical side of your website can harm the crawling of its pages and prevent them from being indexed by search bots. At the very worst, they may result in penalties. Any such glitches keep your ideal customers away from your online store.

Our ecommerce SEO agency will carefully audit your platform and gauge its overall health. If we find duplicate content, broken links, 404 errors, or other problems, we’ll help you fix them. So, you’ll get a flawlessly running site that’s friendly to search engines and visible to the right audience.

Keyword research

Incorporating high-value, relevant keywords into your website can help it appear prominently in organic search results and bring about a significant boost for your ecommerce business. Yet, this requires developing a smart SEO strategy, not just applying some random methods.

We’ll leverage our expertise in on-page SEO for ecommerce to perform targeted keyword research and identify those terms. Then, we’ll strategically place them within your meta tags, product descriptions, and other important spots. And you’ll begin consistently outperforming your rivals in the SERPs.

User experience optimization

A poor user experience is an exit door for potential customers. If they have difficulty with navigation, complex interfaces, or slow loading times, they’ll leave your site almost as fast as they open it. This will cause higher bounce rates, drop your rankings, and decrease your online sales.

Our ecommerce SEO experts will help improve your site architecture, optimize it for Google Core Web Vitals, and fine-tune other important aspects influencing UX. As a result, visitors landing on your pages will have a smooth, intuitive experience that keeps them engaged and clicking “buy.”

Link building

Building backlinks is one of the most powerful strategies when it comes to off-page SEO for ecommerce. You simply can’t ignore the value of creating a high-quality link profile, as it tells search engines that your platform has credibility, positively impacts its rankings, and opens up opportunities for more traffic.

The link building team at our ecommerce SEO company will emphasize building natural, trustworthy backlinks that Google loves. We’ll secure them from different authoritative sources relevant to your industry. This way, your website will be able to reap all the benefits of a healthy link profile.

SEO performance monitoring

SEO isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it game because search engines constantly shift their algorithms. Tactics that worked well yesterday might not be the best option tomorrow. Your rankings will ultimately start dropping if you don’t adapt your SEO strategies to the changes in SE algorithms.

We’ll keep a watchful eye on your ecommerce SEO performance, track your competitors’ moves, and spot new ranking opportunities before they do. Our specialists will continuously tweak your strategies according to the latest retail SEO trends and algorithmic changes to keep you ahead of the pack.

Anyone can promise you success; we'll prove it

The reality of the SEO world is that promises are made quite often, but they’re, unfortunately, rarely kept. We’re not in the business of throwing out empty guarantees. Instead, we’ll provide you with a clear roadmap for how we’ll achieve your desired goals.

Our ecommerce SEO company kicks things off with extensive SEO audits for whatever project we’re going to take on. This allows us to see what works and what doesn’t, pinpoint valuable opportunities, and assess what challenges we might face.

Therefore, you’ll get a highly customized strategy that’s sure to fulfill your SEO needs. Even if any obstacles arise along the way, our team will be fully equipped to overcome them.

Boost your ROI with our ecommerce SEO expert team

We aren’t just SEO-savvy. The SeoProfy team has true ecommerce SEO experts with years of experience optimizing online stores for maximum visibility and sales.

Our specialists adopt white-hat SEO techniques, base their decisions on in-depth research and data, and focus on e-commerce-specific methods, like implementing product markup. That’s why you can expect to get the most bang for your buck.

seo team

We'll always keep you in the loop on your SEO strategy implementation

You’ll be in the driver’s seat. Our team will share data clearly, answer every “why” with a well-reasoned “because,” and invite your feedback. We’ll make sure you feel confident about the project’s success every step of the way through the following:

Weekly reports

Every Monday, our ecommerce SEO specialist will map out and send you a game plan for that week, outlining the strategic tasks and objectives. By Friday, you’ll receive a report on what’s been achieved, fueled by accurate data and metrics.

Weekly sprint calls

Once per week, we’ll connect via a Google Meet or Zoom call to review the progress and direction of your ecommerce SEO strategy. During this session, you’ll be able to pose any questions, share your insights, and collaborate with the SeoProfy team on future strategies.

Chats in preferred messengers

Have a burning inquiry that can’t wait? Drop us a line on your preferred messenger — Slack, Telegram, or WhatsApp — and you’ll receive a lightning-fast response. Get timely support and quick updates, share your thoughts, and discover practical SEO tips anytime, anywhere.

Our ecommerce SEO company operates with full transparency

We're all about custom, fair rates

Your project cost will be calculated using our pricing model and communicated to you from the start. This means no overcharging or hidden fees, and it gives you complete clarity on what you’re paying for. Ecommerce SEO services required, campaign duration, and other factors will determine the final price.

We are always honest and proactive

Of course, you’ll receive timely reports on your marketing campaign accomplishments. However, in the event of any setbacks or challenges, we won’t try to hide them. Our team will adopt a proactive stance: they’ll gather thoughts, analyze the issue, and come up with the optimal solution.

We set clear expectations from the very beginning

In other words, you’ll understand what kind of outcomes you can count on. That’s because before our cooperation starts, we’ll dissect your website, requirements, and the goals you’re looking to reach. We’ll only say “yes” to your project if we know we can succeed in it and ensure your objectives become a reality.

How do we implement ecommerce search engine optimization projects?

Discuss your business and goals

During the free 30-minute online call with our ecommerce SEO expert, you’ll talk about your online store, tell us who your target audience is, who you’re competing with, and outline your ideal outcomes for the future campaign.

Scrutinize your niche

Our team will thoroughly audit your website, analyze your content and keyword usage, and research competitors’ approaches. The information we gather from that will help direct our search engine optimization efforts toward achieving what you strive for.

Develop your individual SEO strategy

Next, we’ll take the time to pick the right techniques, tailor them to your specific requirements, and finally build your custom ecommerce SEO strategy with your business and your unique goals in mind.

Organize your project execution

You’ll have a dedicated project manager from our experienced management team. They’ll take care of setting up an efficient SEO workflow and ensuring that all the daily and weekly project tasks are delivered on time.

Report on progress and improve

We’ll keep you informed weekly with action plans on Mondays and result reports on Fridays. During online meetings once per week, we’ll go over important nuances. On top of that, our specialists will constantly monitor opportunities to refine your strategy.

Get a comprehensive ecommerce SEO audit today

Got stuck in SEO limbo, preventing your platform from ranking high and receiving valuable traffic? SeoProfy has a reliable solution.

Our ecommerce search engine optimization agency doesn’t rely on guesswork to deal with SEO challenges. We conduct all-out SEO audits and analyze the findings, so we know how to best resolve the problems.

Hop on your individual consultation and let’s discuss what’s preventing your ecommerce business from shining online.

Begin your journey to success with our data-driven SEO for online stores

Stop struggling with invisible Google rankings and stagnant sales figures. Get in touch with a SeoProfy representative today to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We’ll reveal how our e-commerce SEO services can help you build a thriving business online.

  • Crush your toughest competitors in search engine results
  • Drive qualified organic traffic steadily (no more window shoppers)
  • Grow your loyal customer base
  • Develop trust in your brand and its recognition
  • Maintain results and confidently scale.
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Ecommerce SEO FAQs

Ecommerce SEO is a marketing practice that helps enhance the online visibility of ecommerce platforms on Google and other major search engines. This translates into:

  • Higher rankings and traffic growth
  • Increased conversions and sales
  • Improved brand awareness and reputation.

A comprehensive SEO strategy for ecommerce sites typically includes:

  • Website audit and keyword research
  • Optimizing product pages
  • Building link profile
  • Boosting the user experience.

Partnering with SeoProfy, the best ecommerce SEO company, ensures that your SEO techniques will be tailored to the specifics of your online business. Moreover, we will regularly adapt your strategy so that you can remain competitive in a global marketplace.

There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all answer for that. It’s because seeing results from SEO services for ecommerce websites hinges on a blend of different factors, such as:

  • Your specific industry and niche
  • The competitive landscape of your market
  • The current health of your website
  • Any changes in search engine algorithms and SEO trends.

In general, ecommerce website optimization can take approximately six months to show initial results. However, for huge e-commerce projects and online retail businesses in highly competitive sectors, you can expect significant results after nine months to a year or more.

The cost of ecommerce SEO services varies based on:

  • Your goals
  • The size of your ecommerce website
  • The scope of SEO strategies required
  • Overall campaign duration.

The starting price is usually $3,000. The average investments of our clients range from $5,000 to $7,000 and more.

As an experienced ecommerce SEO firm, we understand that each business is unique. Therefore, we’ll tailor our SEO packages to meet your individual needs and budget. You can contact a consultant at SeoProfy to discuss your requirements. They’ll provide you with a complimentary SEO proposal within three to seven business days.

Any online store, big or small, brand new or seasoned, can benefit from ecommerce SEO services. Whether you’re a boutique selling handmade jewelry, a giant retailer with a vast goods catalog, or the owner of a cannabis online store, SEO can put your products in front of the eyes of potential customers actively seeking offers like yours.

Tapping into the services of an SEO agency for ecommerce businesses can provide you with a steady flow of visitors and help convert them into loyal buyers, thus growing your customer base. Furthermore, you’ll be able to maintain a competitive edge, develop your company, and expand your reach.

Absolutely! If you see your traffic numbers dip, we have a specific ecommerce SEO service to bring them back up (and even surpass previous levels of organic traffic).

We’ll perform a careful SEO audit of your website, diving deep into its health and uncovering any weak spots that may be hindering its performance. Our ecommerce SEO agency has developed our own technical SEO checklist for that process. So, rest assured, we won’t leave out a single detail while auditing.

Once issues are identified, our team will provide you with clear recommendations and actionable solutions.

Get ahead of the competition, elevate revenue, and claim your share of the ever-growing online marketplace with a data-driven ecommerce SEO agency.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule a professional consultation with one of our SEO experts (it’s on the house) to see how our ecommerce SEO services can boost your business. You’ll find out how we can help you rank for high-value, relevant keywords, drive in shoppers eager to buy, and outsell your rivals.

Victor Karpenko