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Is your website lost among search engine results?

Our on-page SEO services can help it make its way to the top.

SeoProfy knows effective on-site optimization inside and out. From trivial things like target keywords to URL structure and site speed to often overlooked details, we’ll look in every corner to find what’s impacting your site’s visibility

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Clients organic traffic per month
Average return on investment

Our on-page SEO services have helped companies improve rankings and increase revenue

Higher rankings

With the help of SeoProfy, the client received more impressions, visits, and leads by 25% higher than expected. The marketplace also ranked higher in search results, which resulted in more traffic and conversions.

Andrii Semeniuk
CPO, Autoportal
More high-quality traffic

SEOProfy’s efforts have resulted in 758,31% growth in free traffic and improved impressions and clicks.

Diana Kenchadze
Marketing Manager, Grocery Delivery Service Provider
More sales

The company has seen 9X organic traffic growth in nine months and 3X conversions from organic traffic as opposed to paid traffic.

Dmitry Gritsenko
Digital Marketing Manager, VR Entertainment Platform

Why Is On-Page SEO Important?

Statistics show that roughly 75% of users won’t go past the first page of Google search results. So, if your website isn’t ranking well, you’re missing out on the majority of potential traffic and, thus, customers.

On-page SEO allows Google and other search engines to better understand what each of your web pages is about so the right audience can see them. More specifically, on-page SEO can help you:

  1. Get better search engine rankings.
  2. Drive qualified traffic.
  3. Boost conversion rates.
  4. Lower customer acquisition costs.
  5. Increase competitiveness and gain domain authority.

With a primary focus on value, engagement, and conversion, our SEO company offers practical on-page SEO strategies tailored to your business goals. Don’t let your website get lost at the bottom of search engine results!

Improve Your Search Performance with On-Page SEO Service

Boost your website’s visibility with SeoProfy, your go-to on-page SEO company, where we turn on-page optimization into a science. Using a blend of data-driven strategies, we pinpoint exactly what your site needs in order to climb the search engine rankings. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood on-page SEO experts, armed with passion and cutting-edge tools.

At SeoProfy, we’re all about clarity and results. We dive deep into your needs and only shake hands if we’re confident we can make a real difference.

Let’s make your website shine together. With SeoProfy’s mix of expert insights and genuine care for your success, we’re here to guide you to the top of the search results, one data-backed step at a time.

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Our On-Page Optimization Services Cover All Your Needs

Running your business is already a full-time commitment, requiring all your focus and energy. Let us take the reins in analyzing and optimizing your website’s potential. Our on-page SEO services address a wide range of essential elements to enhance your online presence.

On-page SEO audit
Starting with a website checkup

Running search engine optimization “fixes” without understanding exactly what needs improvement is inefficient. You might tackle some problems but leave bigger ones hiding unchecked. Before our on-page SEO company comes up with a page optimization plan, we check where things currently stand. Our specialists thoroughly assess critical on-page elements like:

  • Site indexing to uncover pages search engines can’t access
  • Page speed benchmarks and diagnostics around mobile responsiveness
  • Optimization of page titles and metadata
  • Information architecture and internal linking
  • Keyword targeting and content relevance
  • Technical prerequisites like security protocols and markup.

With full visibility into what needs attention, our on-page SEO agency then charts the most direct path forward. You’ll get an action plan tailored to your business goals to start driving more traffic.

Keyword research
Pinpointing your target keyword opportunities

People searching for widespread keywords aren’t necessarily looking to make a purchase — they may just be browsing and doing research. But you need to attract people who are interested in what you’re selling and ready to take action.

Our on-page SEO services focus on more specific phrases directly tied to your products or services. Not just “shoes,” but “women’s running shoes” or “kids’ light-up sneakers.” The more niche and relevant to your offerings, the better.

You can opt for our keyword research services to identify very specific phrases for each product and service you offer. This way, you can attract niche visitors who are actively looking for exactly those offerings. Eventually, you receive a pool of qualified visitors who convert into customers at much higher rates.

Technical on-page SEO issues
Smoothing out technical bottlenecks

Even the most insightful content on your website can be overshadowed by technical shortcomings like slow loading times, leading visitors to leave before they even start reading.

On-page optimization isn’t just about content; it also involves lots of technical elements.

When we assess the technical side of your on-page SEO, we thoroughly inspect critical behind-the-scenes factors that impact your site’s visibility. For example:

  • Check site metrics against Core Web Vitals.
  • Identify large images that need to be compressed.
  • Evaluate the ease of navigation and usability on mobile devices.
  • Detect broken links and faulty redirects that may obstruct crawler access.
  • Identify web pages with duplicate content.

The list goes on. Our main goal here is to provide the insights needed to address and rectify the barriers to optimal website performance and search engine visibility.

Content writing
Leveraging the power of content

If you want to keep visitors engaged and improve your search engine rankings, you also need to have quality content on your website.

Creating new content has some major benefits:

  • It keeps your website fresh with new, keyword-optimized pages.
  • It brings in more organic traffic from search engines as you rank for more specific target keyword phrases.
  • It builds trust with your audience by giving them valuable content they want to come back for.

We take the time to get to know your business, what you sell, who you want to reach, and the main keywords you want to show up for in searches. Our writers are really good at digging deep to write about things your future customers are looking for online. We’ll pick the best words to use and put them in the content in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand.

Heading structure
Optimizing content readability

People like content that’s easy to scan, but making your web pages organized and readable is also good for your site’s SEO. Breaking your topics into clear sections with optimized titles helps search engines know what each part is about. This makes it more likely that your content will show up when someone searches for related topics.

At SeoProfy, our experts dive deep into organizing your page headings, making sure everything reads just right. But we don’t rely on guesswork. Every decision we make is backed by solid data. How?

We take a close look at what your competitors are up to, analyzing their content in detail. This isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about taking the best from them and making it yours.

Internal linking
Reducing dead-end content paths

Linking your website’s content together in a smart, purposeful way helps website visitors stay longer and learn more about your offerings. You can also give some pages a significant SEO boost in Google rankings by having other well-performing pages on your website point to them.

That’s why SeoProfy does a deep analysis to map out all the opportunities for relating the pages of your site through linking. We look at which published pages perform well and cover similar or complementary topics that would make sense to cross-link.

We can also provide suggestions on how to weave hyperlinks throughout the text. So, instead of a random “click here” link, it would be something more naturally tied to the context or keyword-rich.

Hire SeoProfy to Do Your On-Page SEO

We know you started a business to follow your passions, not to endlessly tweak your website.

Our SEO team will identify precise page optimization opportunities tailored to your website and audience. We serve a wide range of industries, providing specialized services such as law firm SEO, real estate SEO, crypto SEO, and more.

You can focus on day-to-day operations while we make your online presence work smarter 24/7/365.

seo team

Start Your On-Page SEO Optimization in 4 Steps

Here’s how it all goes down:
A quick call to define goals

Before we get started, we’ll hop on a quick intro call to understand your business — the products/services you offer, your ideal target customers, and what your primary goals are for the website. Making that clear up front ensures we’re all aligned on what success looks like for you.

Analysis of the current situation

We’ll run a comprehensive on-page SEO audit using our proprietary software that evaluates over 300 technical and content factors, including website architecture, page speed, keyword research, quality content, backlink profiles, and mobile-friendliness. This allows us to pinpoint the precise areas of friction that could be holding your website back from reaching its full potential.

Optimization of your priority pages

With all the relevant data about your business in place, it’s time to start making enhancements. But where to begin? No detail is too small — we examine everything from title tags to page load speeds. But first, we define which pages need attention right now.

Getting the result

So, you’ve got your page optimization plan from SeoProfy, and your team is ready to follow it. It’s time to put changes into action and start moving the needle.

Does Your Website Need an On-Page SEO Service?

“Will on-page SEO services really make a difference for me?” you may ask. Valid concern!

But here’s the thing — in our digital age, having a website that’s optimized for both search engines and users is non-negotiable. It’s not just about showing up in Google rankings (although that’s certainly important). It’s about creating a seamless, engaging online experience that converts casual browsers into loyal customers.

If you’re still not sure whether your website could benefit from some SEO, here are seven signs that it might be time to reconsider your SEO strategy:

  • You’re not showing up on the first page of search results.
  • Your website takes forever to load.
  • Your bounce rate is sky-high
  • Your page content is stale or irrelevant.
  • You’re not using meta tags correctly.
  • You’re not using internal linking.
  • You’re not seeing results.
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On-page SEO refers to making specific pages on your site rank higher and bring in more relevant traffic from Google.

On the other hand, on-site SEO covers the bigger picture — it covers all the search engine optimization efforts you do across your whole website to boost its overall search performance.

The cost of on-page SEO depends on factors like how big your website is and what industry you’re in. But typically, you’re looking at around $1,000 to optimize 10 pages.

If you’ve got more pages, the price per web page usually goes down. So, if your site has hundreds of pages, you might be able to score a better deal.

Both on-page and off-page SEO are critical for ranking well in search engines. On-page SEO helps Google figure out what your page is about, while off-page SEO (like link building services) shows that your site is popular and trustworthy.

The smart move is to use both on-page and off-page SEO together for the best results.

Yes, you can combine on-page SEO with other services. In fact, on-page SEO should be a part of a larger SEO strategy.

For example, when you integrate on-page and off-page SEO, you create a powerful synergy. Off-page SEO drives high-quality website traffic, while your on-page optimization keeps visitors engaged and converts them into loyal customers.

Ready to be #1 in search engines?

If you’re tired of being buried on page 10 of search results and you’re ready to get serious about boosting your rankings, driving more traffic, and growing your online business, our on-page SEO agency is here to make it happen.

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