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Roll in more qualified leads organically and watch your online sales steadily rise with advanced B2B SEO services from SeoProfy.

Our team adopts search engine optimization strategies based on solid data. This approach ensures that the right prospects will finally see you in search results, thereby fueling lasting digital success for your B2B brand. Contact our representative today to discuss your business goals and request your free, customized proposal.

b2b seo services
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B2B SEO company that will help you scale your revenue

Higher rankings

The work is still ongoing, but the client has been satisfied with SeoProfy’s services. The team works closely with the client, touching base regularly to ensure both parties are always on the same page.

Serhii Voitekhovych
Senior SEO Manager, VistaCreate
More high-quality traffic

The client implemented SeoProfy’s recommendations, resulting in the website’s positive growth trend. The monthly clicks increased by 26%, and impressions rose by 21%. The client’s organic traffic increased by 13%.

David Ivaniuk
CEO, Licensing & Credentialing Company
More sales

The collaboration with SeoProfy resulted in a 35% increase in global sales and a 28% growth in website traffic. The team had outstanding project management skills, professionalism, and timely delivery throughout the engagement.

Andrew Green
Web Marketing Manager, Softros Systems, LLC

What makes our B2B SEO agency different from others?

Organic search is a driving force for effective lead generation for B2B organizations. Your prospective customers are actively seeking solutions like the ones you offer on the web. However, they’ll stumble upon other vendors instead unless your website is properly optimized for search engines.

With SeoProfy, the best B2B SEO agency, you can turn the tables on your rivals. Our custom SEO services for B2B can help you rank high for relevant search queries and put your brand directly in the path of your potential customers.

While most B2B SEO companies provide ready-made solutions that attract some sort of organic traffic (with little to no conversions), we take a different approach. Our specialists conduct research and meticulously analyze the following data:

  • Your industry and niche
  • Emerging trends shaping your field
  • The specifics of your target market
  • Potential roadblocks and opportunities
  • The needs, wants, and search behavior of your target audience

This deep-dive approach means you’ll get a tailored SEO strategy. We’ll carefully listen to your wishes, understand your vision, and fine-tune the plan for even better results. It’ll be a powerful tool that will not just place you at the top of search engine results pages — it’ll become a revenue driver and deliver sustainable ROI.

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What’s included in our B2B SEO services?

No template digital marketing services here — only a comprehensive suite of expertly crafted SEO strategies that will supercharge your online presence and yield results.

Content creation

Decision-makers look for in-depth content that demonstrates your expertise and helps them make confident decisions. Generic materials will fall short, neither earning their trust nor catching Google’s attention.

We’ll create original B2B SEO content with your industry and audience in mind while refreshing your existing content. This will increase organic traffic and help you convert more leads.

Technical SEO audit

While quality content attracts an audience, a strong technical framework ensures it reaches them. Without this crucial element, you risk being left invisible to B2B buyers or getting penalized by search engines.

We always conduct careful technical SEO audits and fix any issues. This translates into smooth off-page and on-page optimization, more eyes on your content, and more business opportunities.

Keyword strategy

Simply stuffing your site with popular search terms will do little to improve your online visibility. It’s a targeted, laser-focused approach that can help locate and target the most valuable keywords.

Our B2B SEO agency will do profound keyword research to uncover short-tail and long-tail queries relevant to your niche and offers. So, you’ll move past the competition in organic search results and capture more traffic.

UX optimization

If your platform has difficult-to-navigate menus and slow-loading pages, your visitors are likely to hit the back button without even exploring your solutions. Your bounce rates will rise, and your sales will drop.

We’ll pay close attention to any website glitches that may deter potential customers and strategically eliminate them. This will provide a frustration-free user journey, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Link building

When it comes to off-page SEO, backlinks are of the utmost importance. If your link profile is weak, you may be at risk of appearing less credible and missing out on visibility and traffic opportunities.

Our link building specialists will help you secure trustworthy links from other reputable, industry-relevant websites. This will strengthen your backlink profile, positively impacting your rankings and traffic.

Tracking performance

Google’s algorithms undergo hundreds of updates a year, and even the most powerful strategies can suddenly become ineffective. Without their regular review and refinement, you’ll ultimately start losing the gains.

Our B2B SEO agency will keep track of pertinent shifts and upgrade your strategies when necessary, ensuring your website’s performance remains stellar and that it contributes to your business’s sustainable growth.

Tap into the result-oriented B2B SEO service

When you’re trying to choose a reliable partner among the many SEO agencies, uncertainty in the results is the last thing you need. But it’s hard to be certain because most agencies throw out similar promises, leaving you unsure whether your investment will pay off.

With our B2B SEO firm, you won’t need to gamble on your success.

We begin every partnership by offering SEO audit services — that’s how we get a holistic view of what can be attained and where the obstacles may appear. This way, we can provide you with a tailor-made plan for how to help you meet the goals you’re after.

Get an expert team to handle your B2B SEO needs

Our specialists will become a valuable extension of your marketing team. With a strong understanding of search engine marketing, they know what details to look at to develop the most powerful SEO solutions. On top of that, you can count on complimentary consulting from them every step of the way.

seo team

Crystal-clear communication lies at the core of our B2B SEO service

You’ll gain complete visibility into the project’s process, know exactly where things are headed, and be able to reach the SeoProfy team about anything important.

Regular reporting

At the beginning of each week, our B2B SEO agency will outline the scope of work for the week. We wrap up the week with a detailed rundown of the completed tasks.

Sprint calls

We’ll arrange Zoom or Google Meet calls once per week to analyze the current results and determine the next steps.

Convenient communication

You’ll be able to pose questions, give feedback, and get top SEO tips anytime through Slack, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Our B2B SEO agency is fully upfront with you

Provide transparent pricing

We take into account your project needs, its estimated duration, and the exact B2B SEO services required when calculating the cost.

Inform you of challenges

If anything doesn’t go according to plan, you’ll be the first to know. Then, we’ll find the root cause of the problem and fix it.

Set realistic expectations

We’ll audit your site, consider your requirements, and lay out the exact outcomes you can count on from the start.

Here’s how we'll build your winning SEO campaign

Discussing business & goals

You’ll meet with our SEO specialist for a discussion so we can learn more about your B2B brand, target audience, competitors, and desired results.

Deep-dive research

Our B2B SEO agency team will check the health of your website to improve the technical side and analyze the competition to spot opportunities you can capitalize on.

Strategy planning

Then, we’ll formulate your individual, comprehensive SEO strategy, including the perfect blend of proven techniques customized to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Project execution

Our project managers will set the workflow to execute the strategy. This includes prioritizing daily/weekly tasks and making sure they’re completed flawlessly and on time.

Reviews & refinements

You’ll get reports on weekly plans and accomplishments. We’ll regularly invite you to online meetings to go over details, constantly monitor your site’s performance, and optimize our approach to level up the outcomes.

Increase online sales with our proven B2B SEO techniques

Leave fruitless tactics behind; we prioritize long-term success with ethical, white-hat techniques only. Our SEO agency for B2B stays on top of algorithmic shifts and SERP fluctuations and always keeps EEAT in mind when devising strategies.

Our commitment to the best practices is reflected in our 5-star Clutch rating and glowing client testimonials. Our award-winning team is eager to leverage their expertise to raise your profits — let’s get in touch!

Drive predictable growth with data-driven SEO from SeoProfy

Stop losing your high-value leads to competitors dominating the Google rankings. We will help you build a strong online visibility and turn it into a real, long-term business impact.

Reach out to an expert from our B2B SEO agency for a free consultation and find out how our SEO services can benefit your business.

  • Rank in the top 10 for relevant keywords
  • Increase trust in your company
  • Develop a stable flow of organic traffic
  • Bring in more sales-qualified leads
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Uncover new growth opportunities
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B2B and B2C SEO diverge in audience and approach to building strategies. The first targets business clients, focusing on specialized niche audiences, longer purchase cycles, and industry-specific keywords with the right search intent.

The second one, conversely, aims to reach individual consumers. It prioritizes broader audiences and quick conversions that can be driven by simpler yet high-intent keywords.

Content strategy also differs, with B2B emphasizing expertise and value-added materials, while B2C leans toward emotional engagement and simply visually appealing formats.

Clients of our B2B SEO firm typically invest $6,000 to $8,000. But whether you run a healthcare company, operate in the cannabis sector, or another field, this may significantly impact costs, as this defines the level of competition and the complexity of the strategies. The price may also hinge on:

  • Your goals
  • The size of your website
  • The duration of the campaign

The starting point in most cases is between $4,000 and $5,000. However, large-scale projects, e.g., for enterprise companies, may require a larger budget.

Join forces with a top B2B SEO company — collaborate with a dedicated team that will leave no stone unturned on the way to bringing you the success you deserve.

Claim your complimentary consultation and see how we can turn your SEO goals into reality and help your business truly thrive on the web. You’ll understand how SeoProfy’s tailored B2B SEO services will empower you to outpace your competitors in the SERPs, target decision-makers, and amplify your sales pipeline.

Victor Karpenko