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Are you looking for custom SEO services? Organic search is one of the top ways customers find businesses online. Failing to appear on the top of search rankings for relevant search terms may mean losing on potential business opportunities. 

Paid search can get you on the first page. It entails paying for impressions or clicks. But if you're not spending money, you're not ranking.

A more feasible and long-term approach to getting featured on SERPs is investing in SEO. It involves, among other things, building quality content and links. Google shows your pages for relevant keywords. People click on your results and convert if they find your services or products useful. 

Custom SEO services for your business can get you to the top of search engine rankings. You’ll need a dedicated SEO team that delivers, and SeoProfy may be the agency you're looking for. Our search engine optimization services have benefited hundreds of businesses over our 15-year operational period. 

Today, we’re laying the groundwork for our SEO customers and explaining key aspects of our SEO services. We are waiting for you to speak to us about your needs.

How Can SEO Help Your Business?

Take it from us — SEO does not merely entail publishing an article with relevant keywords and getting featured on “Page 1” the next day. It's an organized and collective effort that requires patience. That's why our professional SEO services center on all SEO branches: 

  • On-page SEO ensures that your site has high-quality content optimized with relevant keywords. 
  • Technical SEO services go over key website core vitals such as pagespeed and mobile-friendliness. 
  • Offsite SEO through link building makes your website appear as an authoritative source in Google’s eyes.

When your website pages are ranking well following efforts from our SEO optimization services, you’ll enjoy benefits such as: 

Increased traffic and more qualified leads 

Appearing among the first pages for particular search terms is a slight benefit of SEO services. More importantly, SEO brings the right kind of traffic. Your business connects with potential customers by offering valuable content to address their pain points and needs. The result is boosted conversions and ROI. 

Better on-site experience 

A big part of buying SEO services is having quality content produced. The content is available to all website users despite their traffic source. It answers their questions and may inform their purchase decision. Effective SEO services also focus on improving the overall website experience.

A deeper understanding of niche and target audience

Succeeding in SEO requires understanding your target audience and position in your niche. This aligns your efforts for effective marketing spending and tailored messaging. Our SEO service begins with an in-depth examination of the client's niche and target audience.

Longer-term & cheaper source of traffic

Organic traffic tends to be cheaper in the long run because top-ranking organic pages may retain their positions for months and even years. Paid traffic dwindles the moment the campaign ends. You must keep paying to retain positions. 

SEO Services We Provide

With many SEO services clamoring for your attention, it becomes important to make the right choice. SeoProfy is redefining and evolving its internal mechanisms to offer unmatched advanced SEO services. Our full-service firm can help with:

Niche Research

Before starting a promotion project in a niche, you need the whole picture of what is happening.

We can provide answers to vital questions such as: Which are the most profitable niche keywords? Is there a gap? What strategies are the top competitors using?

Based on this, an action plan is formed on how to advance and get the desired result.

SEO Audit

Our detailed SEO audit can uncover any mistakes with your on-page, technical, and off-page SEO efforts. We use the most comprehensive checklist with over 500 factors for better site rankings.

Link Building

If the site is a car, links are fuel. We have faced obstacles in the past when building backlinks, and know all the pitfalls.

You have an opportunity not to repeat mistakes and spend your link-building budget as efficiently as possible.

Google Penalty Removal

No site is immune to search engine sanctions. Any site may suffer.

The main thing is to figure out the reason in time and eliminate it quickly to recover positions and traffic.

We have brought over 500 sites from search engine sanctions. We know things to check to determine what brought on the penalty as well as how to eliminate it.

SEO Outsourcing

We offer custom SEO services to non-core agencies looking to outsource SEO tasks for client projects.

If you have a large project and want to create a full-fledged team, we can help create a turnkey team. The team works on your project exclusively and receives our expertise and management.

Our SEO management service similarly includes other specialized SEO tasks such as: 

  • Local SEO
  • International SEO strategy
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • SEO Consulting
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO for small businesses and large enterprises
  • Analytics and reporting

Our SEO Process 

We have been in the trenches with clients, fighting to grow their organic traffic and drive more value to their businesses. When we say that our process is “tried and tested,” it really is. Our complete SEO service follows five easy steps: 

Niche Research 

Niche research allows us to identify the most low-competitive groups of keywords to get your pages to the top faster. Analyzing the main competitors helps define goals, predict potential traffic, and the size of the team. It also yields new keywords and link opportunities.


Every strategy selected for your project is founded in our initial niche analysis. Working on numerous projects has allowed us to see the top strategies in action. We hold consultations with you at this stage so you know how we’ll deliver results.

Action Plan

Our team develops action plans that contain clearly defined goals and applicable strategies for the project. Each action plan lists tasks and steps to get us to the end goal. Using a process-driven approach is at the core of good SEO services. 


Our experts put the plan into action to get results. We have quality controls in place to deliver quality services. 


A dedicated project manager oversees the completion of key tasks and deliverables. Behind the scenes, the team members use all available tools and resources to deliver lasting results. All our clients are partners, and your success contributes to the prosperity of our search engine optimization service. 

Professional SEO Services for Your Business

In today's digital world, businesses with a growth mindset see the increasing importance of better online interactions. Making it easy for customers to find and connect with you can directly translate to more business profits even if your service doesn’t sell online products or digital services. 

We are striving to offer the best SEO services, and you'll enjoy these benefits by working with us: 

  • We’re experienced in international markets - Expand your brand’s global reach with an SEO strategy oriented around major markets from the USA to Latin America. 
  • Successful in competitive niches - Adopt strategies that work in highly competitive niches, including auto insurance, dating, gaming, trading, FinTech, etc.
  • A talent pool of 150+ SEO specialists - There is no shortage of quality talent to take your brand to the top. 
  • Sound strategies - Our team deploys researched, tested, and proven strategies to improve and protect your SEO position. 
  • Friendly and responsive team - We build relationships with each of our clients as we offer quality SEO services. 
  • A pulse on the latest technology - SeoProfy has innovated various SEO tools used in our workflows and leverages the best technologies to deliver more value. 
  • International team, multilingual experts - Our coverage extends across 45 countries and 12 languages. Expand to new markets with the backing of our managed SEO services. 

Great relationships are founded on communication. Talk to us about your SEO goals, and we’ll advise on how we can increase your brand visibility on search. 

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We believe, and studies show, that search engine optimization is worth the investment. With the right execution, it delivers long-lasting results, and ROI can be several times that of paid search. The only caveat is that it may take a fair bit of time to start seeing results.


We have an individual approach for each client and business. If you want to find how much our services cost, please contact us. 

SEO is critical for small businesses that want to establish a long-term presence on search engine results without running PPC campaigns. It further increases their touchpoints with potential clients. Identifying a unique gap in their niche and targeting low-volume keywords can make SEO more worthwhile for small businesses.


Our initial SEO site analysis can help identify weak areas that require improvement. It can further expose areas that you're doing things right. Our experience also plays a part in recommending the best SEO service for your business. 

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