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You can’t afford to share focus in the gambling niche – get a devoted team of casino SEO experts to grow your brand’s success!

As a gambling SEO company, SeoProfy knows all the different ways to promote your site on search engines. We deliver stellar content, target the right keywords, and build your authority with valuable, safe links. We’ll audit your site, find out what’s not working, and optimize you to the top.

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Here's Why Casino Companies Work with Us

Higher rankings

SeoProfy has shared valuable SEO suggestions that have garnered effective results. The team communicates openly and has taken a responsible approach to the project.

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More high-quality traffic

Thanks to the expertise of the SeoProfy team, the client saw an increase in their organic traffic by approximately 8.86% at the beginning of 2023.

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General Manager, Ukrainian National Lottery
More sales

The team has a data-driven approach, helping the client truly understand their market and situation. Their resources communicate effectively through Telegram, emails, and online meetings.

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Why Do You Need SEO for Your Online Casino?

Online gambling is as popular now as ever, and it’s projected to keep growing and bringing millions of new players on board. Players are not walking or driving up the street to find land-based casinos. Rather, they are on Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo searching for ‘best Bitcoin online casinos,’ or ‘best casinos for new players,’ to discover new gaming hubs.

With restrictions on online gambling in some jurisdictions, many casino sites gave up on paid ads. Search engine optimization became the solution for this niche.

The main goal of iGaming industry SEO is to help online casinos rank for relevant keywords that people use in search queries. If you don’t try to rank for such keywords, you are potentially losing revenue.

So why do you need SEO for casinos or any gambling-related website? It boils down to these four boardroom-worthy points that will get your management team pumping:

  • Sustainability: Once you’re ranking for your target keywords, you can expect long-lasting results.
  • More traffic: Ranking more of your pages on the top positions in search engine results pages drives more traffic to your site.
  • Conversions and signups: SEO helps you improve all aspects of your site, ensuring that you’re delivering a stellar experience.
  • Authority, visibility, and presence: You can build your brand authority and reputation.

Online casino SEO underpins and completes other digital marketing strategies. It pairs well with paid search advertising, influencer marketing, and even traditional promotional methods.

Top SEO Company with Gambling Experience

We’re lucky and thankful for all our past gambling clients. Their projects have allowed us to hone our experience and knowledge in the niche, making us one of the most experienced SEO agencies.

This experience gives us an insider perspective on how to properly perform SEO for casino sites. With these capabilities, we can effortlessly:

  • Identify your top competitors, and even share some of the strategies they are using at first glance
  • Know which keywords they are targeting, and which you need to target
  • Discover how your target audience behaves – their preferences & pain points
  • Help you benefit from upcoming trends and unique opportunities

You can be a casino looking for more signups, or a review site targeting more traffic, what matters is that you’ll greatly benefit from working with a team with prior experience in delivering results for similar clients. The SeoProfy team is fully aware of the limitations and other challenges unique to iGaming SEO.

Our SEO company has been working with some of the top casinos, sports betting sites, and iGaming blogs. We’ve seen what works and picked up on things you need to do to start ranking among the greats!

Don’t wait to get started. Augment your digital marketing strategy with SeoProfy and take your site to the top!

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We develop a casino SEO strategy that is customized for your business

We have great plans to take your site to the top of search engine rankings.

Our dedicated SEO team knows the value of data-driven SEO. That entails using facts and raw data to select strategies that work. Additionally, our casino SEO agency measures progress, takes remedial action, and tailors each campaign to your exact needs.

Deliver high-quality content

Your content needs to be relevant and engaging for your audience, otherwise, Google won’t rank it well. Low-quality content can also damage your credibility and reputation.

We’ll craft outstanding casino content for your platform as well as update and improve your existing pages. This will increase organic traffic, enhance your engagement, and generate more leads.

Optimize SEO performance

Overlooking common technical SEO issues like duplicate content, broken links, incorrect Robots, or slow site speed can impede your ranking potential – and induce penalties.

Our casino SEO expert team will perform a comprehensive SEO audit to detect any technical SEO problems on your site. And then we’ll fix them as soon as possible.

Improve keyword rankings

Do you want to rank for high-demand, high-traffic gambling keywords? You won’t get there with conventional SEO methods. You need a more comprehensive online casino SEO plan.

We’ll perform in-depth keyword research, targeting short-tail and long-tail keywords for more traffic potential. You’ll be able to beat your competitors in organic search results quickly.

Ensure a seamless user journey

Delivering a flawless user experience is paramount in the online gambling industry, or else visitors will lose interest and exit quickly. This will negatively affect your Google rankings and, ultimately, your signups.

We’ll conduct usability testing to find all UX issues and determine what makes visitors leave. Whether it’s a cluttered UI, low site speed, irrelevant content, or broken links, we’ll eliminate that factor from the equation.

Grow your link profile

Your website may have a good number of links from other casino websites. But if you want to continue attracting visitors and building your authority in Google’s eyes, then you need to keep working on it.

Using our outreach skills, plus the solid relationships we’ve nurtured over the years with thousands of websites, we’ll help you enhance your link profile – and your ranking. We’ve developed proprietary tools for link building, which allow us to manage and monitor your backlink profile more efficiently.

Track SEO performance

You can’t just optimize your casino website for search engines and leave it alone (unless you don’t mind losing your rankings). There will always be new updates to follow, new keywords to target, new strategies to try, and so on.

Our gambling SEO company will track every important change, whether in your industry or in search engine algorithms. We’ll make sure your website is fully adjusted to them.

Make your ranking dreams come true with our skilled team

Some SEO agencies offering SEO for casinos may be unreliable, particularly if they don’t have any provable results. Doubts can also arise if they are not transparent about their methods, capabilities, and expertise.

But with our gambling SEO service, you get a different experience. How, you may wonder? We pay attention to every detail, and we don’t accept any tasks that we can’t deliver with confidence.

So, we begin with an analysis of your platform, identifying the problems and opportunities. This way, we get a complete picture and can create a perfect plan for achieving your SEO goals. Even if some difficulties arise, we’ll be ready to overcome them.

Only proven casino SEO experts will work on your projects

Forget one-man casino SEO services, with a sole expert, who handles every single detail to the point of being overloaded, late, and full of excuses!

With SeoProfy, you’ll have a highly functional, smooth-running team exclusively working on your project. Plus, our crack teams have individual members for every job, including the designer, content writer, outreach specialist, content manager, project manager, and other professionals.

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Never miss out on anything important: we’ll keep you up to date throughout the week

Don’t you just hate chasing down contractors for project updates? We detest it too, and have vowed to keep communications clear and fast. During the week, we answer queries within one business day at most. That’s not all, here’s what else you’ll get when working with SeoProfy:

Weekly reports

Get a strategy report every Monday with details about what we’ll do during the week. And on Friday, we’ll deliver a weekly summary of your casino SEO results.

Weekly sprint calls

Every week, we’ll host a Zoom call to discuss your results and how things are moving along.

Chats in messengers

You can share files, chat, and interact with your SEO team in a messenger of your choice, be it WhatsApp or Telegram. All communications will be fully encrypted.

We are completely honest and open about everything we do

Clear-cut pricing without the puzzles

Our pricing structure is crystal clear. We don’t randomly set rates or inflate costs based on your financial capacity. Our pricing is derived from a calculative tool ensuring equity and integrity for your project’s valuation, tailored to your strategy’s specificity and team size requirements.

Candid updates on project progress

We believe in honesty if outcomes deviate from expectations. Should we fall short on milestones, overlook a deadline, or encounter ineffective strategies, we won’t conceal the facts. Instead, we’ll promptly inform you and come together to seek remedial actions.

Honest expectations established early

Transparency is our policy before collaboration commences. You’ll be well-informed of the probable outcomes before any commitment. Should doubts arise regarding our ability to deliver your desired results, we’ll respectfully decline the collaboration. Our straightforwardness is our pledge.

Casino SEO process in SeoProfy

Share your vision

We’ll schedule a free 30-minute consultation where you can tell us about your business, your top competitors, and your desired outcomes.

Analyze your market

We’ll conduct a thorough competitor analysis focusing on your website, content, competitors, and keyword usage. Thus, we can understand where your website stands – and what steps we need to take to achieve your goals.

Create your plan

Next, we’ll craft a custom casino SEO plan, tailored to your business and objectives. (No generic plans here.)

Build your team

Based on your needs and objectives, we’ll hire your own dedicated team of gambling SEO specialists. They will work on your project full-time.

Establish deliverables

Our professional SEO team will set the schedule of deliverables, with defined tasks that will be completed every day or week.

Review weekly progress

Each Monday, you’ll get a plan of action for that week. On Friday, you’ll get a report summarizing the results. And once per week, we’ll have a sprint call to review everything with you.

Casino SEO is not just about building links

Focusing on getting as many links as possible from other gambling sites is a risky and outdated strategy that can get you penalized by Google. A comprehensive SEO strategy for the iGaming industry combines link building with keyword research, content optimization, on-page SEO, and more, to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

As casino SEO experts, we know that SEO is about creating engaging and relevant content, optimizing your site for speed, usability, and conversions, and building trust and authority with your visitors and search engines.

Book a consultation with us, and we’ll leave you with a crystal-clear understanding of SEO for casino websites and the steps you need to take to make it to the top of search results.

Reach new heights for your gambling business with the industry’s best gambling SEO agency!

You’re on the verge of surpassing your competitors. Take advantage of our complimentary phone call session and see how our gambling SEO agency can help:

  • Attract consistent organic traffic (in impressive numbers)
  • Keep your visitors engaged for longer periods
  • Convert leads into loyal customers and boost your income
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All your questions and doubts cleared

For any casino business, SEO is ONE OF THE KEY MEANS of attracting website traffic and scaling the online business due to the various limitations of paid advertising and complicated regulations regarding this niche. It’s a fundamental strategy for reaching the target audience and ultimately increasing the revenue of gambling sites.

By optimizing your site for relevant keywords, content, and user experience, you can increase your chances of converting these visitors into customers. This will boost your revenue and reputation in the competitive casino industry.

We know that Google views casino gambling as a risky niche that often attracts shady operators. They are more hawk-eyed about spammy practices and careful about trusting new sites. That’s why our casino SEO agency follows Google’s guidelines and strictly avoids any black-hat SEO tactics that could harm your reputation and ranking.

Our SEO techniques are ethical, transparent, and future-proof. We keep up with the latest search quality updates and spam detection algorithms to ensure your site is always compliant and trustworthy.

We understand that you want to reach the top positions in Google’s search results, but SEO can’t give you an exact guarantee that you’ll get there. No casino SEO agency can promise you that, and if they do, you should be wary of their claims.

What we can promise you is that we’ll do everything in our power to optimize your website and content for the best possible ranking. SeoProfy has the experience, the tools, and the strategies to help you reach your goals.

Unlike many other SEO agencies that use ready-made solutions or their gut feeling when creating SEO strategies, SeoProfy relies on a data-driven approach in the decision-making process. Our strategies will be built according to comprehensive data, reliable metrics, and clear goals.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We are among the few professional SEO services on Clutch with a five-star rating, thanks to our satisfied customers.

Our iGaming SEO customers spend between $10,000 and $45,000 per month, depending on their needs. Book a free consultation to get a custom SEO casino proposal from us.

The duration of SEO for online casino sites varies based on many factors, including the target geo, level of competition, and how long it takes for Google to index your pages, among other factors. That said, it usually takes between six and nine months to see the initial outcomes.

Elevate your brand with top casino SEO experts – dive deeper and outshine your rivals!

Get a free consultation and find blind spots in your SEO strategy, whether it’s uncompetitive keywords, poor-quality content, or few backlinks.

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