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Prospective clients look online for the products or services you offer. Your local business can be at the top of their search results.

That’s exactly what our local SEO services are designed to achieve. SeoProfy, a search engine optimization agency, will enhance your online presence. While your competitors get lost in the shuffle, you can drive more organic traffic and orders.

local seo services
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Our SEO services help local businesses increase revenue

Higher rankings

SeoProfy worked with us to recover from the organic traffic drop. We saw great improvements in our keyword rankings, with some pages even making it into the top 10. We were impressed with their personal approach and quick responses to our needs.

Boris Tveritnev
CEO, Ladendirekt OÜ
More high-quality traffic

SEOProfy’s endeavors have led to a remarkable 758.31% surge in free traffic alongside enhanced impressions and clicks. The team demonstrates excellent organization, responsiveness, and a sharp focus on efficiently attaining project objectives.

Diana Kenchadze
Marketing Manager, Grocery Delivery Service Provider
More sales

SeoProfy assisted in increasing sales revenue, improving customer satisfaction, expanding market share, and increasing employee productivity. In addition, they helped reduce costs and save time.

Alex Kotlarevsky
SEO Specialist, Creative Agency
what is local seo

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is personalizing your internet presence to target clients in specific areas. This involves optimizing your website using geo-targeted keywords to ensure that your content connects with local viewers; creating a thorough Google Business Profile with correct and up-to-date information about your company;  and actively encouraging pleased customers to submit good reviews.

All these tactics may greatly benefit your local SEO efforts by increasing your company’s exposure and trust in your town.

While foot traffic remains the livelihood for nearby businesses, SEO is how you make it happen today. It’s targeted local search marketing that plants a giant “We’re open!” sign to let people know about you and what you offer.

Whether you’re a cozy family-run trattoria, a trendy yoga studio, one of the dedicated home services companies, or an elite real estate agency, mastering search optimization lets you connect with the people already looking for what you offer.

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Why is local SEO essential for your business?

Businesses with high positions in local searches enjoy a steady stream of visitors. But SEO has way more benefits beyond new leads:

  • Boosting your real-life reputation in the area. When more people in your area discover your business, it also helps build buzz around your actual physical location. The extra foot traffic and visibility make your storefront a familiar, can’t-miss sight.
  • Expanding to new areas. Once you’ve mastered geo-targeted search engine optimization for your current area, you can use the same successful SEO tactics to grow into new cities. Your initial efforts create a roadmap for steady, proven expansion into new territories as your business grows.
  • Getting an advantage over unoptimized competitors. Many of your competitors are likely putting off local SEO campaigns, which presents you with big opportunities. By optimizing your local visibility, you can get ahead of your rivals who are still living in the past.
  • Gaining insider knowledge of community-based trends. Search data reveals real-life search habits and the needs of people in your neighborhood. You can adjust your website, ads, service descriptions, and product offerings to meet the specific needs of your local consumers.

Search engine optimization strengthens your real-world ties to the community around you. The more your neighbors find you through the local search, the more well-known your name will become in your area.

Your homegrown roots and clientele provide you with the courage and assets needed to take the next big steps toward wider expansion.

SeoProfy: Your trusted local SEO company

Taking full advantage of SEO requires dedicated expertise. There’s a range of different components that need to come together seamlessly — optimizing your website with can’t-miss localized keywords, setting up your Google Business Profile, getting quality listings on local directories, analyzing local SEO campaign results, and more.

That’s where a trusted SEO agency like SeoProfy can provide value. ​​We’ve been studying Google’s algorithms for years to crack the code for ranking at the local search results page top. Our team will create a coherent local SEO strategy customized to your industry and location.

Many local SEO companies can say they “do” geo-targeted search engine optimization. However, our team’s track record of achieving excellent results speaks for itself.

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Check our local SEO packages

Our SEO team has spent years ensuring we provide the best local SEO services. So, we don’t work with cookie-cutter solutions; instead, we adjust our methods to your specific situation. Our strength lies in flexibility. Explore our local SEO packages:

$1600/ month
  • Optimization for 1 location
  • Up to 30 tracked keywords
  • Up to 5 quality backlinks
  • Up to 3 pages for On-page optimization
  • Basic technical SEO
  • Google Business Profile setup & optimization
  • Basic competitor analysis & monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Internal linking
  • Meta title & description optimization
  • Backlink management & monitoring
  • Monthly report
  • Weekly touch bases & regular communication
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$3200/ month
  • Optimization for up to 5 location
  • Up to 150 tracked keywords
  • Up to 10 pages for On-page optimization
  • Up to 10 page dashboards
  • Up to 10 quality backlinks
  • Basic technical SEO
  • Google Business Profile setup & optimization
  • Basic competitor dashboard
  • Basic competitor analysis & monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Internal linking
  • Meta title & description optimization
  • Backlink management & monitoring
  • Backlink audit and disavow low quality websites
  • Monthly custom report
  • Weekly touch bases & regular communication
Choose Plan
$8500/ month
  • Optimization for up to 25 location
  • Up to 500 tracked keywords
  • Up to 20 pages for On-page optimization
  • Up to 20 page dashboards
  • Up to 25 quality backlinks
  • Advanced technical SEO
  • Google Business Profile setup & optimization
  • Custom competitor dashboard
  • Competitor analysis & monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Internal linking
  • Meta title & description optimization
  • Backlink management & monitoring
  • Backlink audit and disavow low quality websites
  • A/B testing
  • Monthly custom report
  • Monthly personalized review call
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What do our local SEO services include?

Your venture deserves a comprehensive approach.

Take a look at our range of local SEO services for businesses:

Content writing

Generic content marketing doesn’t work well for regional audiences striving for authenticity. They want to feel a real connection to businesses in their community. To truly engage locals, you need content that evokes the “you’re one of us” feeling.

Our writers will create content that shows you’re embedded in the community you serve. The content possibilities are endless — from blog posts highlighting upcoming events to service pages showcasing solutions to the biggest pain points in the area.

Local SEO audit

People often search on the go. A laggy, non-mobile-friendly website is a surefire way to lose leads before they’ve even explored your offerings. And search engines take notice too, prioritizing sites optimized for seamless user experiences.

Our local SEO company conducts comprehensive technical audits to identify any UX issues. Then we provide action steps to fix those issues. We focus on the most important local SEO ranking factors users and search engines expect from a quality UX.

Keyword research

The way people search online gives helpful clues about their needs at that moment. For example, someone searching for “wedding cakes near me” likely has different interests than someone looking for “birthday cakes for kids.”

Our deep keyword research reveals the precise words and phrases your community uses to describe their requests. Based on the findings, our SEO team will also suggest relevant topics to cover in your web content.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization ensures everything looks organized and relevant to both searchers and search engines. Factors that directly influence on-page SEO — like titles, descriptions, header tags, keyword placement, and internal linking — lead users directly to what they need.

We use keywords throughout titles, descriptions, headings, and body text, but we do it in a natural way. Our local SEO services company also adds internal links so people can smoothly navigate your site.

Link building

Links from trustworthy regional sites show Google your business is popular and respected in your community. Yet, local link building is beneficial not only to impress search algorithms; it also establishes credibility with local searchers.

Our SEO team takes every opportunity to ensure the links we build are relevant and come from authoritative directory sites so they positively impact your rankings. We also work on guest posts for industry publications and blogs that are popular in your region.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile literally puts you on the map. With a proper listing, local business info pops right up with all the key details like your address, hours, photos, and positive reviews from customers.

We’ll ensure your business is properly claimed and verified with Google. From there, our local SEO company will optimize every component of your profile, from the business name and categories to the description, hours, services, and more.

Let’s keep things simple and direct

Hiring a local SEO agency is a big deal, and we get that you need real results to make that investment worthwhile. We’ll give you an honest assessment of what’s possible and what might be unrealistic.

That’s how SeoProfy operates. All in all, we want you to see impressive returns and be blown away by the value we provide.

Hire the best local SEO experts for your project

SEO is complex, so you need a talented team of specialists working hand-in-hand. At our team, each local SEO expert focuses on a separate area, such as a local SEO audit, local business listing, content creation, and more.

Don’t risk getting lost in local SEO optimization — bring in the best local SEO company from the start.

seo team

You’ll always know what’s happening

Got questions during the week? No problem — SeoProfy, your local SEO agency, is just a message away, with a reply guaranteed within one business day. We prioritize regular communication:

Weekly previews and recaps

Each Monday, we’ll brief you on the local SEO campaign for the upcoming week. On Friday, you’ll receive a full report reviewing the week’s work and results.

Regular catch-ups

We’ll schedule a call every week to go over the latest local SEO performance metrics and map out future priorities together.

Ongoing dialogue

You’ll have regular chats with the local SEO experts who work on your project. Reach out anytime, ask questions, share files, and discuss updates using your preferred channels, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Slack.

Uncertainty has no place in our processes. You can rely on our SEO support from start to finish.

Clarity is king

Costs on the table

At our local SEO firm, we value transparency, especially when it comes to pricing. Based on your custom local SEO strategy, we’ll give you a cost breakdown with no fuzzy math or hidden fees.

Pulling back the curtain

Should any roadblocks pop up during our SEO journey, we’ll notify you immediately so we can promptly adjust our tactics.

Viable targets

From day one, we’ll set practical expectations for what SEO can accomplish. If any goals seem unrealistic, we’ll openly discuss them and explore other approaches to find a path forward that aligns with the possibilities.

SeoProfy's step-by-step process: The path to SEO dominance

Goal setting

Let’s start with an open discussion to understand the goals you want to achieve through digital marketing efforts. We’ll identify the key product or service lines that should take center stage and elevate your local search visibility. This is also the step where we assess your competitors and audiences.

In-depth audit

With goals set, we’ll conduct an audit of your current community-based online presence. Our digital marketing company will examine every aspect of your existing search footprint — how well your website is optimized for your targeted locations, local listings, content, and more.

Custom local SEO strategy build

We’ll carefully review the audit findings to create a multi-faceted approach. The plan will check all the boxes to optimize every component of your local visibility. We’ll pinpoint the most efficient path toward increasing your regional brand awareness, consumer engagement, and customer retention.

Workflow approval

Before moving forward, we’ll also need to discuss the proposed SEO strategy, crucial for improving online presence more effectively. Our specialists will establish the projected timeline and key milestones. Having clear expectations upfront allows us to stay on the same page throughout our cooperation.

Weekly progress reviews

Once we kick off the local search engine optimization plan, we’ll schedule regular check-ins to keep you updated and review the latest results together. During meetings, we’ll go over all the main metrics, like website traffic, lead numbers, rankings, and more.

Scale your local business with our SEO services

With our specialized SEO services for local businesses, you can attract more customers and leave competitors wondering about your secret to success.

But why stop there? From Miami SEO to the entire state of Florida, maybe next we’ll be optimizing your network’s visibility across the whole country.

Get #1 on Google Maps with local SEO services

SeoProfy will power you to the #1 spot. As a top-ranked Google Maps business, you can expect to:

  • Capture an influx of new nearby customers.
  • Attract a steady stream of new positive reviews to further elevate rankings.
  • Become a leader every consumer recognizes.
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Local SEO FAQs

Local SEO services are the techniques that make your website rank higher in search results to reach people looking for your offerings in their area. Keyword research, managing local listings, and working on reviews all play a role in boosting your neighborhood’s visibility.

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the business and its needs:

  • Small businesses can expect to spend from $1,600/month.
  • Medium-sized companies that are confidently moving forward should focus on $5,000-8,000/month.
  • Highly competitive businesses that want to leave competitors behind should set aside $9,500/month for optimizing their SEO.

Community-based search engine optimization specialists implement best practices to help you rank higher in geo-targeted search results.

These practices include researching keywords, citation building, managing online reviews, local link building, creating location-based content, and more. Everything depends on your needs.

While you could try some SEO basics yourself, most businesses find it challenging to get consistent, meaningful results without professional expertise.

Website optimization requires you to navigate complex search engine algorithms and execute a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, which is tough to manage solo while running your business.

Geo-targeted search engine optimization can drive serious profit by increasing online visibility and traffic from high-intent nearby consumers.

By ranking high in local search results, you capture attention right when people are hungry, bored, or need an urgent solution to their problem. This boosts the chances of visits, phone calls, and sales from relevant local customers in your service areas.

Absolutely! Community-based search engine optimization gives small companies a high-impact way to successfully compete for visibility within their communities and service areas.

Moreover, thanks to local search optimization, small companies can even rise above larger regional and national competitors in organic rankings.

With our local SEO services, you'll be the talk of the town (in the best possible way).

Just click the link below to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our local SEO consultant.


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