Technical SEO Services

Are you tired of bugs preventing your website from reaching high Google rankings? It’s time to overcome these technical issues!

Our technical SEO services offer you an outstanding opportunity to improve your search engine rankings and ensure an ideal user experience. Due to our in-depth analysis and years of experience, your website performance will skyrocket. Don’t waste any more time — implement technical search engine optimization techniques to make a difference.

technical seo services
Technical audits conducted over the past year
Average client traffic growth

Our technical SEO agency helps websites earn higher rankings

Higher rankings

Their technical SEO expertise ensured the first page positions for our website in less than four months. They identified and fixed even the tiniest technical issues, ensuring the total satisfaction of our site visitors.

CEO & Founder, Product Design Agency
More high-quality traffic

After facing bugs on our website, we asked SeoProfy’s experts for help. The technical SEO company provided us with efficient recommendations for improving our site. Due to them, our organic traffic flow increased by 13%.

David Ivaniuk
CEO, Licensing & Credentialing Company
More sales

We opted for SeoProfy’s technical SEO services to increase organic traffic flow. Thanks to their professionalism, our website revenue increased by 40%. Their team was very friendly and responsible. Highly recommend these experts!

Adrian Tucker
Head of Performance Marketing, Renuity

Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO services are an integral part of any successful digital marketing campaign. No matter how much money you’ve invested in your website’s development, there may still be bugs that affect its performance. If search engines cannot easily access your site and crawl through its web pages, they’ll never put it at the top of search results pages.

Also, technical SEO has a great impact on user experience. For example, a person may simply leave your website in anger due to low page speed and poor mobile optimization. Considering this, opting for a professional technical SEO company is extremely important for all types of modern businesses:

  • Big projects. Suppose you want to implement an efficient eCommerce SEO strategy to boost your online sales. In that case, asking for regular top technical SEO is a good idea. Google constantly changes its algorithms, and ensuring your website follows them is important.
  • Small companies. Even if you run a small business, you shouldn’t ignore technical issues. At the same time, there is no need to check their condition every month. Once your technical SEO agency fixes all the bugs, it’s a better idea to focus on search engine optimization of other website elements, such as content, links, etc.

SeoProfy offers individual technical SEO solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Our agency guarantees that after our cooperation, your website will shine like a diamond, attracting both search bots and prospective clients.

Our approach to technical SEO services

Our professional SEO agency offers a variety of efficient search engine optimization techniques, including a technical audit. Before we start improving your website, we’ll need you to provide our team with access to the Search Console and your site’s name.

Unlike the majority of technical SEO companies, we won’t solely rely on traditional software to analyze your website. Our team will also use in-house tools to provide you with unique insights and useful information. During the technical SEO audit, we’ll check more than 25 important aspects, including:

  • Robots.txt
  • Pages with “noindex” attribute
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Multilingual settings
  • Pagination
  • Response codes
  • External links
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • H1 headings
  • Canonicals
  • HTML header structure
  • HTTP security headers
  • Page speed

We’ll prepare a detailed report outlining the issues we discover and possible solutions as soon as we finish our advanced technical SEO audit. Your development team can use this document to start improving your website step by step.

We work with companies from:

Scope of our technical SEO services

We offer a variety of technical SEO packages to meet the needs of each client. Considering your website’s current conditions, we’ll provide you with the services you truly need to reach your business goals.

Technical SEO audit
Our team will discover the technical issues that keep your website at the bottom of search rankings.

Problems such as low page loading speed or poor mobile optimization prevent your site from reaching the #1 position in Google. Our technical SEO company will thoroughly analyze your website elements and provide you with a detailed report of the issues we discover. Plus, we’ll offer you efficient solutions and useful tips.

Full SEO Audit
We’ll analyze not only the technical side of your website but also other aspects to ensure your dominance in the online market.

You’re welcome to opt for our full SEO audit services if you want to see the whole picture and understand your website’s real condition. In this case, our experts will not only identify technical issues but also analyze your existing content and backlink profile.

Website Migration
Website migration is a challenging process, so it’s best to ensure it won’t lead to lower organic traffic flow.

Our technical SEO agency will develop a smart plan to migrate your website without affecting its performance. We will monitor each stage of this delicate process while solving issues like eliminating duplicate content and 404 pages. In about 13 weeks, you’ll get a detailed report on your successful website migration.

Core Web Vitals & Speed Optimization
According to Google, Core Web Vitals are among the most important factors impacting rankings, and we’ll make use of them.

Core Web Vitals consist of LCP, FID, and CLS. Our technical SEO services focus on improving all these components to make them meet Google’s recommendations. Moreover, we’ll also check the loading speed of all your pages. No doubt, after our enhancements, both bots and real users will be excited by your website.

Structured Data Markup
Search engines won’t be able to crawl your pages without a proper schema markup, resulting in lower rankings.

Our technical SEO agency has extensive experience in improving structured data markups. Using special software such as Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool we’ll check your site to identify all the issues. After that, we’ll create a clear schema markup for your pages and assign proper data tags.

Indexing Errors Solutions
We’ll conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to discover all the factors that affect your website’s indexing.

SeoProfy’s team will identify the main indexing errors and fix them as soon as possible. Thanks to years of experience, our technical SEO company can solve even the most difficult indexing mystery. We’ll use all our knowledge and powerful tools to keep your website high on search results pages.

Image Optimization
Large images significantly slow down the performance of your pages, so it’s necessary to reduce their size without affecting quality.

Although image optimization may sound simple, this difficult process requires extensive knowledge and relevant experience. Luckily, our technical SEO agency can offer the best techniques, including replacing image formats and optimizing alt attributes.

Penalty Recovery
There are many reasons why your website may have received Google penalties, but regardless, it’s important to get rid of them ASAP.

Using Google Search Console, our technical SEO company will identify all penalties that affect your site. Thus, we’ll develop a detailed recovery plan and start working on implementing it. Further, we can help you monitor your website’s reputation to prevent it from getting Google penalties again.

On-Site Optimization
Optimizing website elements is important if you want your site to rank higher and attract more organic traffic from search engines.

Our technical SEO services include outstanding on-site optimization. Our experts will enhance your site’s URL structure, target keywords, and other details that other agencies often overlook. We’ll look in every corner to ensure nothing will stand between you and your business goals.

eCommerce Technical SEO
Online shops may face more complex technical issues due to the variety of pages and graphic elements.

We offer separate technical SEO services for eCommerce websites. These services include comprehensive audit, optimization, and regular site performance monitoring. Combined with other efficient digital marketing techniques, your eCommerce SEO campaign will skyrocket your sales and ROI.

Forget about technical SEO issues. SeoProfy is here to unlock the potential of your website.

Best technical SEO specialists

You may have a lot of questions while trying to choose a right technical SEO agency. Of course, no one wants to make an investment that won’t bring any measurable results.

With SeoProfy, you can be sure that your website is in reliable hands. We never rely on sheer luck. Our technical SEO experts conduct thorough audits and implement only time-proven techniques. Thus, we can predict what results you’ll get when we finish optimizing your site.

Do you have any doubts or want to clarify some details? You are welcome to contact our technical SEO consultant. We guarantee that you’ll receive an answer within one business day.

Only a truly professional and experienced team can deliver outstanding results. That’s why we’ll provide you with the best technical SEO specialists.

At the same time, we’ll ensure the smooth management of all tasks. You’ll surely be excited by the timely delivery of our technical SEO services.

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Technical SEOprocess at SeoProfy

Our technical SEO company offers a clear cooperation model. Here is what you should expect:
Discussion of goals

First, you’ll have a 30-minute online meeting with our technical SEO agency experts. During this call, we’ll discuss your business, your target audience, and your expectations from our cooperation.

Conducting a technical audit

As soon as we get the necessary information, we’ll conduct a detailed website audit using our technical SEO checklist and powerful software. Our specialists will thoroughly analyze each element of your site to prepare a comprehensive review of its current condition.

Development of an action plan

The data we receive will help us outline the main issues that affect your website’s rankings and general performance. In addition to providing you with a detailed report, our technical SEO agency will also offer you efficient solutions to each of the problems discovered.

Execution control

You can completely rely on our technical SEO company during the optimization of your website. We’ll keep an eye on the timely delivery of all the set tasks. Plus, our agency offers two free reviews of your website’s technical performance. You can use them within two months after the audit is delivered. Contact our technical SEO consultants to discover more about this offer.

Does your website need technical SEO services?

Of course, you may be uncertain whether technical SEO services can make your business thrive. But don’t forget that we live in the digital era, and it’s essential for every company to have a website that is optimized for both humans and bots.

Our technical SEO agency offers solutions beyond simply making your site appear in Google search rankings. Optimizing your website will ensure a better user experience, leading to enhanced organic traffic flow and more sales.

Do you still wonder whether you need technical SEO services? Here are several signs it’s time to improve your website:

  • None of your pages show up on the first page of Google search results
  • Your bounce rate keeps growing
  • It takes ages to load your pages
  • Your website has turned into a home for 404 pages
  • It’s easier to navigate through the jungle than your site
  • You don’t know how to use metadata and proper headings


Technical SEO services are techniques that ensure your site’s compatibility with search engine guidelines. This allows Google to crawl and index your web pages without any issues.

Technical optimization is important for all types of businesses. It’s especially important to opt for it if you run big online projects or implement international SEO campaigns. In this case, you’ll significantly boost your website performance and get more impressive outcomes.

The price for your technical SEO services directly depends on the number of pages on your site:

  • From $750 for technical SEO audit
  • From $1500 for full SEO audit (content, backlinks and technical part included)
  • From $1500 for primary SEO optimization
  • From $1800 for website migration

If there are more than a million pages on your site, you are welcome to discuss the prices with our technical SEO consultants. Plus, you can spend extra for the delivery of additional services.

This also depends on the number of pages on your website. Typically, our technical SEO agency delivers reports with comprehensive solutions within 1-2 weeks. We’ll inform you of the exact delivery time only after analyzing your site.

Yes, we can implement eCommerce technical SEO services or any other improvements for an extra cost. Before we start our cooperation, we’ll have a short online meeting. During this call, you can discuss all the extra services with our technical SEO specialists.

It’s time to reveal your website’s true potential!

There is no sense in running a site that’s buried at the end of search results. With our technical SEO agency, you’ll see the real power of online marketing. We’ll help you turn your website into a real lure for your clients and search engine algorithms.

Victor Karpenko