Driving SEO traffic to casino sites in 2021: Presentation from IGB Affiliate Amsterdam

At the September 29, 2021 IGB Affiliate Amsterdam, Victor Karpenko presented with tips on how to drive SEO traffic to casino sites in 2021.

Victor Karpenko (SeoProfy), IGB Affiliate Amsterdam 2021

The presentation covered:

- Reality in 2021

- Why Data Driven SEO Always Win

- Ways to get Quick SEO Wins

- How to set up the Right SEO Team

- Protection from Negative SEO

- Why everyone invests in SEO Teams

Victor Karpenko (SeoProfy) at IGB Affiliate Amsterdam 2021

In this presentation Victor shows how you can get SEO traffic in casino niche in 2021, what’s the reality and how to be smarter to get better results.

Presentation from the conference:

In this presentation Victor covers SeoProfy approach on how to analyze niche before even start, so you can understand what’s actually going on and how to create wining SEO strategy to get maximum ROI (return on investment) from seo efforts.

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