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Ensure a stable flow of high-quality organic traffic and reach your prospective clients with a reliable estate SEO agency.

Make your business flourish by supporting it with professional estate planning SEO techniques. Improve your website to overcome your competitors, attract new clients, and boost your online credibility. You can achieve all these goals with our SEO services for estate planning.

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Our SEO services help you get more estate planning case leads

Higher rankings

SeoProfy came up with an efficient SEO strategy that helped us greatly raise our positions in the keyword rankings. Plus, their experts organized a smooth workflow and provided amazing customer service.

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CEO, Ladendirekt OÜ
More high-quality traffic

Their team has helped us reach a significant improvement in boosting our website’s organic traffic. Besides, we were pleasantly surprised by their outstanding project management organization and timely delivery of the set tasks.

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CEO, Uran Company
More sales

The SeoProfy experts offered effective SEO solutions that resulted in a 40% increase in our sales. Besides, they managed to decrease the bounce rate by 12% and reach a 64% improvement in our website’s visibility.

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Reliable SEO agency for estate planning attorneys

Our team boasts years of experience in the implementation of digital marketing techniques for different businesses, including SEO for estate planning attorneys. At the same time, unlike the majority of other agencies, SeoProfy doesn’t offer the same solutions for all our clients.

If you decide to start a partnership with our estate planning SEO company, we’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your website, niche, competitors, etc. Plus, we’ll pay attention to the intricacies of your company’s region and your target audience’s behavior. Thus, our experts will collect enough information to offer you the best solutions for any estate planning attorney, including:

  • Expanding your client base
  • Boosting your website’s traffic
  • Enhancement of your reputation
  • Earning you higher positions in local search results
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Check out our estate planning SEO services

Our team understands that all estate planning law firms are different. Thus, we never offer templated solutions for our clients.

With our SEO services for estate planning, you’ll certainly catch the eyes of your clients. Plus, the search engines will like your website after our improvements.

Content creation

The regular creation of valuable and high-quality content plays an important role in gaining your clients’ and search engines’ trust. At the same time, it’s essential to implement the right keywords without affecting the quality of the text.

We will ensure that all content on your website is well-written, offers value to your audience, and includes high-volume keywords. After our improvements, Google will surely reward you with the highest search rankings.

Technical optimization

Broken links, poor site speed, HTTPS problems, and other serious technical issues significantly affect your website’s performance. Moreover, search algorithms may even hide it from your prospective clients due to poor technical SEO.

Our estate planning SEO agency offers the best experts to take care of your website’s technical optimization. They’ll identify any issues and come up with the most efficient solutions as soon as possible.

Keyword Research

Comprehensive keyword research is an extremely challenging and important step for successful search engine optimization. The skillful implementation of high-ranking keywords can take your website to the #1 position in search results.

We guarantee that our specialists won’t miss any relevant keywords while conducting their research. Furthermore, we’ll use our in-house SEO tools to discover unique insights and use them to overcome your competitors.

On-page optimization

Factors such as internal links and mobile optimization of your web pages also have an impact on your website’s rankings. On-page SEO aims to improve all the elements of your site to make sure it sticks to Google’s requirements.

Our team will check all elements of your website’s pages, including headings, meta titles and descriptions, image alt texts, etc. We’ll fix any issues to ensure your site ranks as high as possible.

Link building

Building links from trusted websites is a great way to boost your online credibility and popularity. Plus, a rich backlink profile will also persuade your potential clients they can trust your business.

We’ll help your website get backlinks from popular and authoritative online platforms. Further, our outreach experts will choose only the sites that fit your business.

Local SEO

The improvement of your Google Business Profile is essential for a successful local SEO campaign. At the same time, there are other efficient techniques that can take your website to the top of the local search results.

SeoProfy will optimize both your Google Business Profile and website to make sure that people will see them when they search for your business online. Plus, our team will provide tips on encouraging your clients to write positive reviews.

Opt for our team if you are looking for achievable results

Making investments in SEO for estate planning attorneys may feel a little risky because you never know what results you’ll get. However, that’s true only if you work with unprofessional agencies.

Things are completely different if you choose SeoProfy. We strongly value our reputation and take care of each client. Thus, our SEO company for estate planning lawyers starts working on a project only if we’re sure we can deliver measurable results. Luckily, we always can say for sure what our clients should expect due to our data-driven approach and expertise.

Hire the top SEO experts for your project

We believe that only a reliable and professional team can deliver impressive results. Thus, we’ll find the best specialists in different SEO areas to ensure we can achieve your business goals.

The size of your dream team will directly depend on the chosen estate planning marketing strategy and your expectations. Each of our professionals, from content manager to outreach specialist, will do their best to deliver exceptional results and help your business thrive.

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Whenever you have a question, we’ll be there to answer

Have you faced any issues and need our assistance? We guarantee that you’ll get an answer within one business day.

Weekly reports

On Mondays, we’ll prepare and share with you an overview of the main tasks for the upcoming week. Every Friday, our team will send you detailed reports summarizing your SEO campaign’s latest results.

Regular calls

Once per week, you’ll have a virtual meeting with us to discuss your website’s performance and the efficiency of the implemented techniques. Also, you are welcome to ask any questions related to your project during these video calls.

Preferred messengers

You’ll have a chat with your dedicated SEO team in any preferred messenger, including Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. This is an efficient way to discuss any urgent questions or share important files and information as quickly as possible.

Never get lost in the deep SEO jungles! Rely on SeoProfy and you’ll always stay on top of your website’s progress.

Fairness and transparency are our main values

Clear prices

Our pricing model follows a simple principle — our clients pay only for the services they need to achieve their goals. Thus, your final price for our local SEO for estate planning attorneys will depend directly on the chosen digital marketing strategy and the size of your team.

Fast solutions

Sometimes even the best professionals can make mistakes or face serious challenges. And if there are any problems during your digital marketing campaign, we’ll inform you immediately. At the same time, we’ll do our best to come up with an efficient solution ASAP.

Real results

If you decide to work with us, we won’t build castles in the air for you, promising you’ll become the most popular estate planning company in a week. First, we’ll conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to make sure we can reach your ideal results. If we conclude that the outcomes seem unachievable, we’ll tell you that.

What to expect from our cooperation

Initial discussion

We’ll have a 30-minute virtual meeting to talk about your goals, the estate planning services you offer, your target audience, and your main competitors. It’ll help us better understand your expectations for the upcoming digital marketing campaign.

Comprehensive analysis

We’ll conduct a detailed audit to estimate your website’s current condition. Besides, we’ll pay attention to your competitors’ sites and analyze the behavior of your prospective clients.

Individual strategy

Our SEO for estate planning lawyers will be based on both your expectations and the results of our analysis. Thus, we’ll define what services your business needs to achieve the set goals.

Professional SEO team

We’ll find specialists who can ensure a perfect search engine optimization of your website. These professionals will pass through a thorough selection process, so you can be sure that even the most challenging tasks will be completed on time.

Optimized workflow

Our management team will make sure that all processes run smoothly and according to the plan. We’ll seamlessly lead your website through every stage of the SEO campaign with a clear workflow of daily and weekly tasks.

Regular updates

We’ll keep you informed about any changes or problems during the search engine optimization process. You’ll never lose control over your digital marketing campaign due to our weekly reports, virtual calls, and perfect customer service.

Comprehensive approach to estate planning law SEO

Even now, your prospective clients may be looking for probate law firms in their location, but they won’t see your website due to poor local SEO. It’s time to fix that!

Choose our SEO for estate planning attorneys and we’ll take your website to another level. With high-quality content, high-ranking keywords, reputable backlinks, and other elements, your business will flourish!

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Tailored SEO Strategy for Estate Planning Law Firms

Get in touch with us for a free consultation to see how our agency can boost your estate planning law firm and help you beat your competitors. With our experts and powerful SEO tools, you’ll attain outstanding results, including:

  • More clients and higher ROI
  • Better online visibility and reputation
  • Enhanced website visitors’ engagement
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If you want to discover the exact price of your campaign, opt for our SEO consulting services. The costs depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Condition of your website
  • Size of your team
  • Chosen services

All in all, a successful campaign will cost you at least $3,000. If you need any additional law firm SEO services, you’ll need to pay between $5,000 and $7,000.

Our experts will conduct a comprehensive law firm SEO audit before we start working on your project. This is a sure way to define the exact services you need to get the best results after your website optimization.

SEO strategies for estate planning may play an important role in the development of your estate planning firm. The final outcomes directly depend on your individual business goals and the specifics of your niche. However, if you improve SEO, you are likely to get the following results:

  • Increased target traffic flow
  • Higher keyword rankings in search results
  • More leads and higher ROI
Let’s take your estate planning firm to new heights and boost your online presence. Choose SeoProfy to start your amazing SEO adventure.

Do you still have any questions? Schedule a free consultation right now, and we’ll answer all your questions!

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