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Want to know what’s holding your law firm’s SEO back?

Get all the answers you’re looking for with the very best law firm SEO audit available. Our SEO experts will conduct a full website analysis to identify areas of improvement and get you ranking on the search engine results pages in no time.

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Clients organic traffic per month
Average return on investment

Our law firm SEO audit service will help your law practice reach the right audience

Higher rankings

The team fostered a smooth workflow by being very responsive — they were always quick to provide feedback. Also, they delivered quality services at a budget-friendly price.

Boris Tveritnev
CEO, Ladendirekt OÜ
More high-quality traffic

The monthly clicks increased by 26%, and impressions rose by 21%. The client’s organic traffic increased by 13%. The team had fantastic project management approach and delivered all tasks on time.

David Ivaniuk
CEO, Licensing & Credentialing Company
More sales

SeoProfy helped to increase the number of product subscribers by 1.5% and attract website visitors. The team was responsive, timely, and open to suggestions.

Mariia Bohdanovska
Link building Specialist, IT Services Company

An in-depth law firm SEO audit is your roadmap to success

Effective law firm website optimization requires that you regularly review your process and check for potential issues. Regular SEO audits are the best way to do that.

Our law firm SEO audit isn’t just a review; it’s a transformation roadmap. We analyze over 300 data points to pinpoint your site’s weaknesses and suggest improvements.

After our SEO auditing service, we will pack everything up into a solid checklist of the next steps, so you know exactly how to get your law firm’s website to the #1 spot on the results page. We’ll provide you with:

  • Fast, accurate insights in a matter of weeks
  • Detailed reports and thorough explanations
  • A fixed price for a thorough audit
  • Professional SEO team.
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Get a law firm SEO audit that gives you all the evidence for digital defense

With SeoProfy’s comprehensive law firm SEO audit, you’ll have the evidence you need to seal your website’s online authority. We’ll analyze all aspects of your website’s performance, including:

Content optimization
Make your content a magnet for clients and search engines alike

Your site’s content presents your services and your expertise online, but it may also be the reason behind low rankings and few conversions. You might have crafted detailed case studies, informative articles, or service descriptions, but are they optimized correctly?

We’ll conduct a deep content analysis, checking for duplicate content and evaluating the quality of your content, its relevance, and style. After this research, we’ll suggest the best solutions for your content strategy.

Keyword research
Find the keywords that will lead potential clients directly to your law firm

Finding the right keywords for your law firm’s website is the foundation of SEO. But it’s equally important to implement them effectively, matching the user’s intent and avoiding keyword stuffing.

Our law firm SEO audit will identify if your content is optimized for the most relevant keywords and if your pages meet the search intent behind those queries. If you have not yet found those promising keywords, our keyword research services will help you determine what your potential clients are searching for.

Technical SEO
Solve technical problems that sink your user experience and rankings

Google and other search engines value sites that provide a good user experience, both on desktop and mobile. Thus, broken internal linking, low page speed, and other technical issues can be the real culprits behind traffic drops and low rankings.

Our in-depth technical analysis covers everything from Core Web Vitals to site architecture. Our specialists will follow a detailed technical SEO checklist to not overlook a single detail on the technical side, including website speed optimization and many other factors.

On-page SEO
Make sure your on-page elements are working for your SEO success

Ineffective headings, high keyword density, similar title tags, or unoptimized images can negatively impact your on-page search engine optimization. What’s more, a poor internal linking structure and unoptimized URLs can frustrate your site’s visitors.

We thoroughly audit your on-page SEO, analyzing keyword clusters and individual pages to see what’s working and what’s not. Thanks to our in-house tools, we’ll determine your on-page score and lay the foundation for meta-tag optimization and content creation.

Off-page SEO
Improve your link building strategy and strengthen your site’s authority

Off-page optimization should also be part of your website’s SEO and overall legal marketing. Link building and management are key to increasing your site’s authority: if many unreliable sites link to your practice, Google will not regard your site highly.

To make sure your website has an effective backlink profile, we’ll perform an extensive backlink analysis, evaluating the quality and relevance of your backlinks. We’ll provide you with a list of recommendations for developing a link building strategy that will give you an edge over other law firms.

Local SEO
Boost your visibility in local searches to attract more clients from your area

Whether you are a personal injury lawyer working in one city or a growing law firm promoting services in several locations, local optimization is a must. Our local SEO audit will evaluate how well your pages target clients in the necessary areas.

We’ll analyze your Google Business Profile, local keywords, and citations and mentions in local directories, among other factors. If your site is not getting the attention of the right people from the right places, we’ll help you start driving local traffic and cases directly to your law firm.

Competitor analysis
Understand what sets your competitors apart (and do it better)

If you work in a highly competitive field or an area saturated with legal businesses, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to outperform your competitors. And what’s important is that your competitors in search results may be different from what you imagine.

As your friends, SeoProfy will keep your enemies closer by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the law firms you compete with. We’ll cross-examine their link strategy, site structure, and content to gain insights that can help you get more clients.

SEO strategy
Create a strategy that brings real results to your legal business

Your site deserves its own unique SEO strategy. However, this strategy should be based on real data, your site’s performance, and your competitors’ actions. Not to mention, this plan should be regularly updated for it to remain effective.

When we are done auditing your site, you will have a list of recommendations to create the right strategy or elevate your current one to new heights. Basically, we’ll give you a comprehensive SEO checklist that will help you make all the necessary adjustments and start improving your online visibility.

Are you ready to start fixing your SEO issues?

We will assign the best SEO expert for you

Our SEO experts have years of experience working with different professionals in the legal industry, from business lawyers to personal injury specialists. They know what to look for, how to interpret their findings, and how to improve your site’s performance.

SeoProfy’s law firm SEO experts use data-driven methods to craft the most effective strategies — you’ll get insights based on real evidence instead of gut-feeling-based suggestions or general best practices. Expect a personalized approach that resonates with the specific needs of your legal practice.

seo team
The secret weapon in our arsenal?

SeoProfy's exclusive all-in-one SEO tool

There are tons of tools for search engine optimization on the market, and we’ve tried them all. However, nothing was comprehensive enough for our needs.

That’s why we’ve used our decades of experience to create an all-in-one SEO tool,, that gives us the most valuable insights for law firm SEO audits. With this tool, we’ll analyze over 300 parameters of your website’s performance and get innovative quality scores for your content, technical optimization level, and off-page optimization.

searchanalytics seo tool main dashboard

Mapping out the SEO audit process for your law firm website

Here’s how it all goes down:
Free consultation

You’ll start with a call with the top experts of our SEO company to discuss your goals, the current position of your law firm website, your competitors, and your core business needs. This will help us evaluate your needs and begin your law firm SEO analysis.

Research & analysis

Our SEO team will conduct an in-depth exploration of your online presence. We’ll look at your and your competitors’ websites and analyze metrics from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, our own SEO tools, and much more.

Weekly updates

Our team will provide updates and results gradually so as not to overwhelm you with tons of information in one meeting. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your SEO audit on a weekly basis.

Outlining recommendations

With all those insights on hand, we’ll craft a list of SEO strategy recommendations for your website. We’ll help you develop a foolproof plan to get your legal website to the top. You’ll be equipped with a checklist of tasks, prioritized according to their potential impact on your rankings.

Wrapping it up

Lastly, our team will compile the research findings into the format that is the most accessible for you. Our final report will include key recommendations and ideas for additional services that will optimize your site. And what if you need help to implement those recommendations? Our law firm SEO services will help you cover all the bases.

Does your law firm need an SEO audit service?

Because search engine algorithms change so quickly, we recommend conducting a law firm website SEO audit every six months or annually. However, you might need to do it sooner!

Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to contact our SEO agency for an audit:

  • You’ve recently lost a chunk of organic traffic
  • Your site has moved lower on the results page
  • Your competitors are ranking higher for the target keywords
  • Visitors don’t stay on your site for very long
  • Your site has broken links or doesn’t meet Core Web Vitals.
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With our SEO agency, you’ll start getting results within two-three weeks from the initial meeting. The audit process may take three to four weeks in total, depending on the type of SEO audit you’ll need.

Our law firm SEO audit starts at $750, with final costs reflecting the depth of analysis required to elevate your site. Reach out to us today, and we’ll provide clarity on the expenses you can expect!

Figure out what's standing in your way

Don’t let obstacles derail your law firm’s online growth. Whether it’s declining traffic, lower rankings, or poor conversion rates, we’re here to pinpoint the issues and chart a course to the top.

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