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Your content deserves to find its audience. Amplify the searchability of your WordPress site with expert search engine optimization for WordPress.

Is your WordPress site creating real value and offering a unique product or service to users? It’s difficult to know until you find the audience your content is meant for. With the help of a  professional WordPress SEO service, users who are looking for services or products like yours will find you faster and stay longer.

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Average return on investment

Our WordPress SEO services will boost your rankings and revenue

Higher rankings

SeoProfy’s efforts helped the client improve their website’s ranking on Google, obtain over 100 high-quality backlinks, and resolve technical issues on their site.

Denys Berestyuk
Founder & CEO, Wedding Forward
More high-quality traffic

The monthly clicks increased by 26%, and impressions rose by 21%. The client’s organic traffic increased by 13%. The team had fantastic project management approach and delivered all tasks on time.

David Ivaniuk
CEO, Licensing & Credentialing Company
More sales

SeoProfy helped the client increase the number of product subscribers by 1.5% and attract website visitors. The team was responsive, timely, and open to suggestions.

Mariia Bohdanovska
Linkbuilding Specialist, IT Services Company

Improve your online presence with our WordPress SEO expertise

You’ve poured countless hours of research, planning, writing, and designing into your WordPress site. Now, it’s time to invest in its online visibility with the help of a WordPress SEO company.

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses various tools and metrics to enhance your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines like Google so that you get higher search engine rankings and reach consumers in search of sites just like yours.

Maximizing your SEO optimization doesn’t just result in increased sales numbers and more traffic to your site. Stores, promoters, retailers, and brand ambassadors may also consider your SEO results before working with you and your brand. So, investing in professional, expert WordPress SEO services for WordPress truly never goes unrewarded.

Why choose our WordPress SEO company?

It’s not simply our 780% return on investment, countless successful case studies, including highly competitive and regulated cannabis SEO, and our unique SEO tools that draw clients to our WordPress SEO company.

We also only take on cases when we can guarantee, with 100% certainty, that we’ll be able to reach the client’s objectives and deliver a significant return on investment. We have no interest in wasting your time, money, or resources, so we only take on projects we know will be worthwhile for both parties.

Clients who choose SeoProfy as their WordPress SEO agency get access to our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and highly skilled industry-specific SEO specialists, who can help guide them through all the complicated aspects of WordPress SEO.

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Сomprehensive WordPress SEO services for your website

With SeoProfy, you get the full package. All your WordPress SEO needs are taken care of.

All eyes will be on your WordPress website with the help of our versatile range of services:

Professional content writing

The quality of your site’s content is a huge factor that search engines consider when determining your ranking on the results page. All content needs to be accurate, well-written, reliable, and value-adding.

Our WordPress SEO company knows exactly how to achieve this consistently and on an ongoing basis. By crafting high-quality, informative content for your WordPress website, we’ll keep readers coming back for more.

Technical audit and optimization

Technical issues can throw off your search engine rankings. Glitches, poor site speed, and error pages can make your site look unreliable to search engines as well as drive visitors away.

That’s why our technical team will work tirelessly to ensure your WordPress site meets all the key requirements on Core Web Vitals and delivers a seamless, smooth user experience to the end consumer.

Targeted keyword research

Researching, collating, and implementing the perfect high-ranking keywords to use throughout your site is no small feat. Not only do these keywords need to be identified, they also need to be organically incorporated into your site.

But we know you have bigger fish to fry. Let our WordPress SEO experts take care of everything keyword-related, allowing you to benefit from the improvement in your organic search rankings.

User experience enhancement

Getting users to your WordPress site is one thing. Convincing them to stay is quite another. But search engines consider how long users stay on your site when determining your place in Search Engine Result Pages, so your site needs to hook them and keep them around – the longer, the better.

Through interesting and engaging content and a seamless user journey, your WordPress website will be made a breeze to visit and browse. Our team will ensure that those who come, stay.

Strategic link acquisition

Search engines notice when reliable, authoritative, and trustworthy websites and content pieces link back to your site. This is called link building, and it helps bolster the integrity of your site through association.

Our SEO team will build a thorough and selective backlink portfolio that will improve search visibility, establish the authority of your site, and drive referral traffic to your website.

SEO performance tracking

SEO is subject to change. Major search engines release updates, new SEO tactics and best practices are being brought to light regularly. Therefore, your SEO campaign will need to stay ahead of the curve.

Our team will be involved in constantly maintaining your progress and ensuring your WordPress website doesn’t fall behind. Through regular revisions, tweaks, and evaluations, your site’s SEO will become as flexible and adaptable as the internet itself.

We only make promises we know we can keep

Some WordPress SEO companies are all talk and no action. Not SeoProfy. We’re determined to renew your faith in the power of SEO services for WordPress and all the potential they hold.

That’s why we only commit to projects when we’re confident that we can reach the client’s SEO goals. If the scope is too large or the objective too unrealistic, we’ll let you know. And, if you choose to, we’ll work with you on creating more realistic goals that we know we can achieve.

Hire the best SEO experts for your WordPress website

No matter your industry or your niche, we’ll hire only the most highly qualified and experienced WordPress SEO experts to take on your project.

Say, you’re looking for ecommerce SEO for your WordPress site. Once we’ve established your objectives and challenges, we’ll get to work scouring our pool of professionals and beyond to assemble a high-performing SEO team. You can turn to them for all your questions, concerns, and requests, even if it’s purely for the sake of learning more about how SEO works.

seo team

You'll never get left on read

At SeoProfy, we’ll never leave you guessing. You can always expect these forms of regular contact with our team of WordPress SEO experts:

Weekly reports

Every Monday, you can expect to receive a thorough plan of what our team hopes to achieve over the next five days. Every Friday, we’ll send a report letting you know how it all went down.

Weekly sprint calls

Each week during your WordPress SEO campaign, you’ll have a scheduled catch-up call with our team of professionals via Google Meet or Zoom, during which you can ask questions, prioritize tasks, and get updates on the progress.

Messenger chats

Your team chat on Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, or Telegram will be your place to chat with your WordPress SEO team as little or as often as you like. You can send documents, questions, and files with the confidence of fully encrypted messaging.

No secrets, no surprises

We quote fairly

That’s right — we let you know what you can expect to pay for your WordPress SEO campaign upfront, with no surprise bills making their way to your desk. Plus, we’ll never use a liberal budget as an excuse to overcharge you. You’ll be able to see a full breakdown of the costs to make sure.

We take the highs and lows in our stride

Every SEO campaign comes with highs and lows. And, while we are excited to celebrate the highs together with you, we’re also prepared to take on the lows. We’ll let you know as soon as an unexpected bump in the road occurs, and we’ll get to work finding a fix immediately.

We know what can and can't be done

We’ve been delivering WordPress SEO services long enough to know what can and can’t be achieved. And we’ll be completely honest with you if we think you’re shooting for the moon. Together, we can come up with some more realistic objectives that are measurable and achievable within the SeoProfy scope.

How our WordPress SEO cooperation will start

Kick-off call

An initial 30-minute call will help us gain an understanding of your WordPress website, your SEO objectives, and the current obstacles you face in improving your website’s ranking.

Thorough research

Next, comes our SEO audit service which allows us to identify your site’s current strengths and weaknesses. This will help us understand why you’re not where you want to be and what it will take to get you there.

Time to strategize

Using your objectives as a guide, along with the insights gained from the SEO audit, we’ll get to work crafting a winning SEO strategy that will give your WordPress site a boost and set you on a course for success.

Dream team

We’ll scour our pool of SEO experts at hand and look beyond to find the perfect team of WordPress SEO experts to work on your project. These will be your go-to WordPress SEO specialists for the duration of your campaign.

Work out the workflow

Our accomplished team at SeoProfy will help delegate tasks and organize a regular workflow so that every party involved has a clear role and way of working. This way, we’ll never miss deadlines or forget to communicate important information.

Review the progress weekly

Through our regular communication channels and scheduled calls, you’ll be able to get real-time updates on the progress of your SEO campaign and review what has been achieved and what still needs work.

Request your free WordPress SEO analysis today

We understand that taking this leap of faith can feel overwhelming, and you don’t want to commit too much too soon.

Why not get our free WordPress SEO analysis? We’ll take a look at your site, identify areas of potential improvement, and let you know what we find. We can also recommend possible goals and give you a glimpse of what can be achieved if you decide to commit long-term.

At the very least, you’ll learn something new about your site. Who would say no to that?

The value of SEO for your WordPress website

While the primary value of quality WordPress SEO services is improved search engine visibility, this translates into a horn of plenty for your online business. Our expert WordPress SEO consultants will help:

  • Drive more visitors to your site
  • Get your site seen by local audiences
  • Make sure your website is relevant to your target audience
  • Improve conversion and get more online sales
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FAQs about WordPress SEO

Because your WordPress is a content management system, search engines treat it differently compared to regular independent websites. They’re crawled and evaluated differently and, therefore, need to be approached differently when it comes to SEO services for WordPress websites.

In fact, it can be said that integrating SEO techniques into WordPress sites is easier than for regular sites, as WordPress makes for a clean and coherent structure.

Optimizing your WordPress site for searchability comes with several challenges. Firstly, choosing certain themes can slow down your loading times and lead to technical glitches, so knowing which themes are best for SEO is key. Secondly, while website plugins can greatly improve your SEO ranking, adding too many of them can slow your site and negatively impact your users’ experience on your WordPress site.

Having a team of WordPress SEO professionals will help ensure that you don’t let such challenges get in the way of your SEO goals.

Yes, absolutely! The thorough analysis that SEO services for a WordPress website entail can help you identify the exact problems that are hindering your site’s ranking on search engine results pages. If that’s the case, it’ll become evident in our SEO audit, and we can gain a deeper understanding of what is slowing your site down and how this can be resolved.

No, you don’t need any SEO plugins, neither third-party or your own. WordPress already has all the necessary tools to integrate and edit the important aspects of SEO. Some plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math can enhance your digital marketing efforts, but it certainly isn’t a necessity.

See real results in your WordPress website's SEO ranking within weeks.

Need to up your search engine optimization game? SeoProfy is the WordPress SEO agency that can get you there. With a team of experienced WordPress SEO experts, clear objectives, regular evaluations, progress reports, and success stories to inspire your journey, you’ll be on track to ranking #1 on SERPs

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