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Ready to have your own ongoing SEO services squad fully committed to your success?

Having an optimization team ensures your website stands out in this very competitive landscape of search engines. So, have a seat and witness your site rapidly climb in the rankings for high-volume, competitive keywords.

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monthly seo services
Clients organic traffic per month
Average return on investment

Ensure constant growth with our ongoing SEO services!

Higher rankings

SeoProfy’s efforts helped the client improve their website’s ranking on Google, obtain over 100 high-quality backlinks, and resolve technical issues on their site.

Denys Berestyuk
Founder & CEO, Wedding Forward
More high-quality traffic

SeoProfy built several high-quality links, improving the client’s organic visibility. The vendor also impressed the client with their deep understanding of SEO and customized solutions.

Alexander Capo
CMO, Online Travel Agency
More sales

Thanks to SeoProfy, organic traffic and sales have increased. The SEM has improved substantially, as well.

Web Developer, IT Services

Why is a monthly SEO service so important?

We are going to be honest with you — it’s really complicated to stand out in a highly competitive online world, in almost every niche. Not paying attention to the optimization of your website could eventually hurt your company’s credibility and how many visitors it can attract.

So, in today’s world, that’s pretty straightforward: every website needs SEO, and services like ours are important for your site’s success. Our monthly SEO service is a smart, long-term investment that keeps giving you benefits over time. Reasons to resort to SeoProfy’s monthly SEO agency services include:

  • Google’s ever-evolving algorithms demand continuous adaptation, ensuring your site stays ahead.
  • SEO requires ongoing attention to improve and, no less essentially, to maintain rankings. Our service provides a sustained advantage for continual advancement.
  • SeoProfy’s services ensure continuous adjustments for specific needs because we recognize the uniqueness of each business.
  • You can focus on core business operations and leave the time-consuming SEO tasks to us, professionals. Our regular updates and comprehensive reports on traffic, conversions, and visibility keep you informed.

SEO is a long-term strategy. So, invest in your business’s lasting success with our ongoing monthly SEO services!

What makes our monthly SEO services unique?

Our team isn’t just SEO experts; they’re aficionados. Instead of random generalists, we handpick specialists native to your target region. Our team includes SEO masters with hats in every ring, from law firm SEO to clothing retail and everything in between.

The monthly SEO service packages we offer are all based on our data-driven approach. Before providing you with a plan of action, we will analyze a lot of data and your niche.

To focus on your business market, we’ll recruit experts who have specific knowledge in your field to ensure your SEO strategies are on point for you and the market you’re looking to expand into.

We hire locals, wherever your marketing compass points, who understand cultural norms, buying habits, language nuances, and local search intricacies. The goal? SeoProfy will help you climb the ranks for traffic-driving keywords and create content so that your audience feels understood.

Choose us, and let’s make your expansion dreams a reality!

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What's included in monthly SEO services?

Why choose us? We offer a lot of unique services. After all, success online is about more than just SEO. We understand this, and that is why we offer a range of services tailored to your success:

Content creation

A high page rank on Google demands quality, expert, and regularly updated content that attracts traffic and generates leads.

We specialize in crafting fresh, engaging content and optimizing existing materials, including meta descriptions and titles, based on our monthly SEO plan, which will help improve your page rank.

Technical SEO

Issues like poor internal linking due to broken or inaccurate links and duplicate content can harm your site’s performance.

Our comprehensive audit identifies and swiftly addresses technical SEO problems, prioritizing user experience.

Keyword research

Traditional SEO practices sometimes fall short when it comes to finding and maximizing competitive keywords.

Our robust strategy in terms of a monthly SEO service optimizes websites and ensures quick dominance in search rankings for keywords relevant to your website.

User experience optimization

A bad or frustrating user experience often leads to visitors bouncing swiftly away from your site.

We identify and address various site issues beyond speed and mobile design so that you can retain visitors for improved rankings and success.

Link building

Sustaining traffic requires ongoing monthly SEO effort, especially thanks to link building.

Leveraging our outreach expertise and connections, we enhance your backlink portfolio, elevating the overall ranking of your website with the help of top monthly SEO services.

SEO performance

A “set it and forget it” approach risks slipping in rankings. That is because SEO is not beneficial as a one-time service.

We monitor your website closely, adapting our SEO strategy to algorithm updates, website changes, and keyword competition, ensuring sustained success with prompt strategic actions.

Success is something we pride ourselves on! SeoProfy will only take your project if we know we can do it!

We understand that looking for an SEO agency to work on your project is risky. You don’t know what you’ll get in the end or if your investment will pay off. But with us, that’s different. Before even starting any project in terms of monthly SEO services, our team always performs extensive audits.

We do this so that we know what is possible and what’s not. So, if we can’t meet your goals and we’re not the right fit for you, our team won’t simply take your project.

The best SEO team for your ongoing project

Our experts are experienced in many niches and businesses, including yours! If not, SeoProfy will hire the necessary specialist. We know what we’re talking about, and that’s why we strive for excellence – and think you should too! We look to bring you a team of top monthly SEO service experts!

Each member of your team will have a specialty in your niche. And you will never be left hanging – we will always be there for you. We believe in giving you VIP treatment and delivering top-notch results.

seo team

We are always here for you!

With our professional monthly SEO services, you’ll never have to wait for answers!

Weekly reports

Look for your SEO game plan to slide into your email box every Monday. Then, at the end of the week, we will also send over a recap of your SEO monthly and weekly results.

Sprint Calls

We will hop on a Zoom call once a week to review these results and how things are progressing with your project.

Telegram Groups

You can safely share files and exchange messages inside Telegram with a designated channel for you and your SEO team.

We believe in total transparency

Clear Pricing

We have created a system that takes certain factors into consideration to ensure your pricing for monthly SEO services is unique and fair to your particular project. We don’t just pull them out of the blue!

Course Correction

Sometimes things don’t work, and instead of scrapping the project, we take pride in being able to switch gears in the snap of a finger. Missed deadline? Not a problem! Not hitting goals? No sweat! We can find a solution quickly.

Realistic Expectations

There’s nothing hidden in our monthly SEO plans. Simply put, there will never be any surprises because we believe in being realistic. So, if we can’t help you be successful, we will be completely honest with you. We don’t want to waste your time!

Our process for starting SEO Cooperation

Discuss your goals

We will discuss your goals on a 30-minute call.

Complete niche analysis

Our team will do an in-depth audit of your website, content, competitors’ websites, and keyword usage. This way, we know where your website stands and what steps we need to take to get the results you want.

Customize your SEO strategy

Along with that information, the team will provide you with custom monthly SEO packages specifically tailored to your business and objectives.

Forming a team

Then, we will craft your team of the best monthly SEO service providers so that the team meets your individual needs and objectives.

Setting up a workflow

The management team will create a custom monthly SEO plan for a streamlined and effective monthly SEO services workflow with specific tasks that are set to be recurring and completed each day/ week.

Review the progress weekly

On Mondays, your team will create a plan of action for a week. On Fridays, the report that sums up all the results will be sent to you, and then a sprint call will be made between your dedicated account manager and the team to go over these results.

Customize your monthly SEO plan for search engine optimization!

Partnering with us goes beyond acquiring ongoing monthly SEO services; you’ll also receive complimentary SEO consulting. We’ll keep you updated on the latest optimization trends, elucidate best practices, and provide the reasoning behind each decision.

This way, you’ll gain a crystal-clear understanding of SEO and also glean ungoogleable insights. It’s not just about managing SEO; it’s about empowering you with knowledge that sets you apart.

Avoid SEO companies promising instant results

Do you want to outrank your competition? Get more high-quality organic traffic? How about keeping visitors on your page or site for longer? One thing is for sure: no matter what you’re trying to do, you’re always wanting to turn those visitors into buyers.

So, get a hold of us and set up a free, no-strings-attached consultation to see how enterprise companies like ours can help you do just that with the help of an actionable monthly SEO plan.

seo case study


On average, monthly SEO package prices can range from $5,000 to $7,000. These rates include link building and SEO works. Customized SEO pricing quotes for services are provided after assessing the unique requirements of each client to ensure the best services at the best rate.

The cost of monthly SEO services varies based on many factors but the baseline starts at $3,000. Things like the scope of the project, industry competitiveness, and specific client needs are all factored into the offered rates.

Yes, we absolutely offer comprehensive monthly SEO reports. Our reports are very detailed and cover key metrics, traffic insights, and the impact of ongoing optimization efforts. This helps you to keep informed about your website’s performance and us to pivot if necessary.

Dive deep into understanding your venture ensuring you outshine the local competition by joining forces with our SEO experts.

To see how we can help you rank for highly competitive pages and high-volume keywords and reel in more high-quality organic traffic, schedule a free consultation.

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