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Other SEO companies do just SEO. Universal, all-in-one strategies, nothing special. With our Brickell SEO services, you’ll feel the difference.

The fiercely competitive environment of the central financial district of South Florida dictates its own rules. As every business owner, you don’t want your venture to merely survive in the Brickell area; you want it to flourish. All the time. And SeoProfy’s SEO in Brickell is your best bet for that.

Brickell SEO
Clients organic traffic per month
Average return on investment

We've empowered Brickell companies with high rankings - and their profits have boomed

Higher rankings

Thanks to SeoProfy’s efforts, the client’s keywords ranking in the top 10 has increased from 6% to 65%. The team has consistently met deadlines, and their project management has been impressive.

Alexander Buzaev
CTO, Softplicity
More high-quality traffic

Thanks to SeoProfy, the client’s website traffic increased from 100,000 to more than 2 million per month. Aside from consistently meeting deadlines, they also recommended solutions and new growth opportunities.

Dmitrii Gar
Owner, Friv 5
More sales

The client’s collaboration with SeoProfy resulted in a 35% increase in global sales and a 28% growth in website traffic. The team had outstanding project management skills, professionalism, and timely delivery throughout the engagement.

Andrew Green
Web Marketing Manager, Softros Systems, LLC

Picking us for Brickell SEO services is your smartest move ever

Why haven’t the services of most SEO providers yielded you those great results until now? Cause their marketing campaigns are dull, standard for all. Such a boilerplate attitude leads to little to no attention to your locale. So there’s no desired effect.

While others keep building castles in the air for you, we’ll show you that search engine optimization isn’t a buzzy phrase. Our Brickell SEO company will provide you with highly tailored specialists who’ll turn it into a powerful tool. Why so? They know the important Brickell area specifics inside out:

  • Cultural aspects
  • Unique word and term choices
  • Market nature
  • User behavior metrics

This knowledge allows them to align with the unique challenges that local businesses in Brickell face. And this, in turn, brings impactful results.

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Data-driven strategies that really turn things around

The best ally for triumphing in the SEO game? SeoProfy’s unbeatable, polished strategies.

Create first-class content

When your content is generic and of no value, Google won’t gift you with high rankings. And potential customers will remain “potential.”

With the main focus on quality and freshness, we’ll create content that boosts your organic traffic, user engagement, and conversions.

Refine technical aspects

No matter what kind of technical issue you have. If it’s not fixed, you’ll be invisible to search engines (or worse — get penalties).

We’ll do an exhaustive technical SEO audit, find the harmful issues, and resolve them. So you’ll get a website with the finest performance.

Attain the right keyword rankings

Wanna rank for the really right keywords (those with high volume and competition)? Unfortunately, typical SEO techniques won’t handle this job.

We’ll optimize your platform for short-tail keywords with higher traffic volume. Such an SEO strategy will leave your competitors behind.

Provide superior user experience

With poor user experience, the number of visitors to your website will plummet. So do your SERP positions, conversions, and sales.

Whatever causes users to bounce, we’ll identify it. And nail the problem.

Build link profile

Just building some backlinks isn’t enough. The process of securing them should be continuous. Only that way will you keep getting quality traffic and earn the trust of your audience.

We’ll apply our vast expertise in link building campaigns to help your website become authoritative. Both in the eyes of search engines and users.

Track the performance

SEO is ongoing. Changes in algorithms, keyword competition, and other things should be monitored (unless you want to say goodbye to your rankings).

We’ll keep your website updated according to the last influential shifts. And your SEO performance will be stellar.

If we take on your project, we're dead sure you'll get the desired results

Brickell SEO, Miami SEO, whatever the locale is… it’s damn hard to be confident in whether it’ll be worth your time. And whether it’ll pay off, actually.

SeoProfy will demonstrate to you a completely different picture of events.

We don’t rush things; we evaluate. Do an extensive audit and explore the opportunities and hindrances. Only then will we run your project. If we’re not sure we’ll meet your goals, we’ll be clear on that.

Conquer your rivals with a personal team of Brickell SEO pros

If one asks us, “What’s one element that sets you apart as the best SEO company?” we’ll clearly state the unique teams.

Not generalists. Not a team busy with another project. You’ll get a personal team of SEO experts who’ll do wonders for your project. Apply the latest tools and years of experience to take you closer to SEO victory.

seo team

You'll never be in the dark about your SEO campaign details

Any doubts or urgent questions to discuss? Contact us, and you’ll get a swift response (within 24 hours, tops). Here’s what else our cooperation will involve:

Weekly reports

We’ll send you the week’s strategy on Mondays. A weekly report summarizing the progress will be given to you on Fridays.

Weekly sprint calls

Once per week, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting to talk about how your strategy is going, the goals achieved, and the plan for the upcoming sprint.

Telegram group

Whether you need to share files or kick a few ideas around, you can reach your SEO team inside Telegram. Where everything will be fully secure (thanks to advanced encryption).

We don't go saying too much. Our professionals speak to the heart of the matter

You’ll get a transparent price

We don’t randomly generate prices or charge you more just because your budget is larger than average. We rely on a pricing calculator to give you an accurate quote. Depending on the details of your strategy and the required staff, of course.

We’ll be honest if anything goes out of plan

We won’t try to cover up the fact that we’re falling short of set goals, missing a deadline, or experiencing other difficulties. We’ll come clean with you right away. Then, we’ll pool our resources to find a solution.

Starting out, we'll set reasonable expectations

There won’t be any spontaneous surprises down the line. Before we start working on your project, you’ll know what results to expect.

SEO game plan that'll get you to the top of the SERPs

Cover your objectives

We’ll gather at the online meeting to discuss your business specifics. Go over its goals, competitors, and dream results.

Investigate your niche

We’ll perform a comprehensive website audit and take a look at your rivals, content, and keyword usage. Thus, we determine the starting point and the steps needed to deliver the intended effect.

Devise your strategy

Based on all the info gained, we’ll develop your unique strategy—no trite ideas, only a tailored solution.

Gather your SEOs

We’ll set up your own SEO team with your business goals in mind. Those whizz will channel their attention solely to your project.

Set your SEO process

The SEO workflow will be streamlined. SeoProfy’s management team will arrange tasks in a way to be done with a set regularity (daily/weekly).

Interpret results weekly

You’ll get your SEO game plan every Monday. And we’ll report on the results every Friday. Weekly Zoom calls will help make all the essential points clear.

We’ll pave your confident way to beat local Brickell competitors in SERP

With our Brickell SEO company, you won’t just get the best SEO services and all. We’ll empower you with professional consulting. Gratis.

You’ll always be kept abreast of SEO trends, top strategies, or whatever. And we’ll never keep you in the dark about our decisions.

So, you’ll make your rivals gape. Both at your SEO knowledge and your Google ranking.

Provide your Brickell business with the prime SEO service it deserves

Curious how our SEO in Brickell will work for you? Book your free consultation to uncover how we’ll help you:

  • Outrank your fiercest rivals
  • Get a steady flow of targeted traffic
  • Keep visitors fully engaged with high-end content writing
  • Boost your conversions, sales, and revenue
seo case study

Your burning questions, answered

The price of SEO optimization for any local business in Brickell depends on:

  • Company’s needs and goals
  • The scope of work
  • The competitiveness of your industry/niche

Our SEO services start at $1,600 per month. On average, our clients invest from $4,000 to $6,000 in our expert SEO promotion. However, if it’s a one-time service, the budget can even be about $1,000. On the contrary, large projects in highly competitive fields requiring a complex approach will cost at least $3,000 (where approximately half is for the link building service and half for other SEO works).

We strive to provide the best for our clients. Yet, SEO can be influenced not only by your market competition but also by its dynamic nature. Let’s face it: changes in the algorithms of search engines can roll out at any time. What delivered perfect outcomes yesterday may lose its effect tomorrow (or even lead to penalties).

So, when it comes to guarantees, we don’t give any. Instead, we show commitment. We don’t just implement some strategies for your project and leave it aside; we’ll also track how it’s going regularly to adapt it to influential shifts and improve.

Yep, consulting is like a bright gem among all our SEO services offered. Our team of SEO experts is always ready to answer your questions. So be ready to be empowered with the most profound SEO insights… plainly and simply. Whether you need guidance through strategy development, keyword research, site audits, or performance analysis, you will surely gain understandable, actionable recommendations. And locate some great areas for progress along the way.

Underestimating the value of backlinks equals slowing down all SEO efforts. That is, we don’t just “can get you some local backlinks.” Link building will be the cornerstone of the entire local SEO strategy, pushing your authority up to a sky level (and your rankings, too).

How will we handle this? Well, we’ll put the major focus on building contextually and locally relevant links to your business website. Next, we’ll combine several approaches (thoroughly worked out) to get them. To finalize: we’ll be monitoring your link profile to make it perform at its best.

Brickell's Premier SEO Boost: Secure your spot at the top with specialists who understand the local pulse.

Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you rank for highly competitive, high volume keywords… and reel in more high-quality organic traffic.

Victor Karpenko